Hot Chocolate Cheesecake by Becky

Since it is Foodie Friday around here, I couldn’t resist reblogging this awesome dessert idea. Every part of it sounds intriguing, right down to the tea cup!

No better excuse to get your Great Nan’s tea set out, Hot Chocolate and Malteaser Cheesecake dip topped with Marshmallow Fluff Cheesecake.

Hot chocolate and Malteaser cheesecakes topped with marshmallow fluff

As you all know, last weekend was Mother’s Day (in the UK) and I’m sure if you forgot, your mum has been giving you the cold shoulder since. Luckily for me my Twitter feed was full of reminders, numerous bloggers, magazines and retailers were tweeting about the ‘perfect treat for your mum’ for a month prior to her big day.

If you follow Cooperative Food on Twitter you would have seen their promotions for a Mother’s Day #TwitterTeaParty, where bloggers and Cooperative Food shared epic foodie gift ideas. I replied to one of their tweets and Cooperative Food sent my mum some fair trade drinking chocolate as part of their #growingstories campaign.


We have four tea sets sitting in display cabinets around our house, and since I started…

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5 Replies to “Hot Chocolate Cheesecake by Becky”

    1. No problem, I am really going to try this. I have a box of old teacups that belonged to my Mom, Grandmothers and Aunts. I haven’t known what to do with them. This will do just fine though I need a reason to do it or at least some guests to help enjoy them! I found you through Lynz Real Cooking. I look forward to following you.

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