When Enjoyment Takes Work


I have been under the weather for over two weeks now and have virtually done nothing but the bare minimum in the way of activity of any kind.

Yesterday we were to go to a family function, a dinner out at a restaurant to celebrate a few birthdays. While this meant I didn’t have to cook my share of the food for a dinner in, it meant I couldn’t curl up in a chair at my in-laws. I rested most of the day as I was determined I was going to make it.

We had to walk about a half block from the parking lot around to the front entrance, and it was cold and rainy. My “good” leg has been very painful lately, and walking is slow. The good thing here is the motion is also good to work some of the stiffness and muscle aches out. The chairs were comfortable, and I was in a spot where I was out of the way. So, the activity part of the equation was going well.

My appetite has been small at best, but I ordered spanakopita which is light and flavourful. When the food came, I was overwhelmed by the traditional Greek plating – potatoes, rice, vegetables and pita bread accompanied the entree. I immediately became full. But I quietly asked for a side plate, cut off a small piece of the spinach pie and placed it on the smaller dish. This did it. I was able to eat half the meal and didn’t arouse curiosity about my appetite.

Then there is the enjoyment factor. We were sitting at one end of the table (there were 12 of us). Hubby was next to his two older nephews on one side and I was beside his sister and her husband (SIL and BIL) on the other. The conversation was good as the boys and hubby were able to bond over the latest edition of a favoured space game and my SIL and I got discussing all sorts of topics. My BIL was listening to and participating in both. We all kind of forgot there were more people at the other end of the long table!

It wasn’t until we stood to leave that I realised how tired I was. Everyone was invited back to my in-laws; however, we had to decline. Hubby’s brother and nephews were going home as well so we dropped them off on our way.

I literally crashed not long after we arrived home. I was totally exhausted. However, I had a good time and realized that while going out and enjoying myself are two separate drains on my energy, finding a balance is not only healthy, it is necessary.

So I think I have been doing things wrong – I rest up to do chores and have nothing left for the good things in life. I need to put enjoyment first sometimes and use whatever energy I have left on the have-to’s!

I am learning – baby steps all the way.



11 Replies to “When Enjoyment Takes Work”

  1. Hey, I hope you are doing better now.. I wonder what it must feel like being 50+ and having health issues that leave you to nothing but rest on days when all you want to do is run around or enjoy doing some tasks…. I am younger then you but I have faced days when I couldn’t breath or even sit in my bed… I hope that you become stronger in health and have much fun as you want 🙂
    Stay warm.. have good time 🙂

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    1. Thank you for your encouragement and for following my blog. Yes, it is difficult at times, but I make the most of the time when I can do things. I try not to dwell on the negatives, though it can be tough not to at times. I am sorry to hear of your health problems, especially being younger. I look forward to checking out your blog!

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      1. not dwelling on negatives only helps you get better 😀 I used to do that but since I left them I am getting better daily. Sometimes I still feel like I am not going to become so healthy as I once was but now I am learning to accept even that and try to be as healthy as I can be now.

        Thanks for the wonderful reply my dear 🙂 Take care :).

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