Kudos! – #1

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I have been in a writer’s block for a couple of weeks now. It is mostly to do with my health though I also just ran out of things to say. I know people that know me will find that hard to believe, but it does happen once in awhile! 😉

When I have felt up to sitting up at the computer I have tried to do as much reading of your blogs as I can. This is always an uplifting experience for me. Even when the topics might be serious, just being in contact with so many other writers is very inspiring and spirit lifting.

Several of you in my blogging community are so good at featuring others, holding meet and greets, giving blogging advice, so I thought I would return the favour by featuring a few that have inspired me this week or so.

The first person that always comes to mind for inspiration and community mindedness is, of course, Danny Ray, over at Dream Big, Dream Often. His recent post 11 Ways Negativity Is Ruining Your Happiness (& How to Change) is totally spot on. It got me out of my pity party pretty darn quick!

A new member of my blogging community is Hemangini over at My Petri Dish. Not only did her post New to Blogging? Here are a Few Things You Must Remember blow my mind with facts and figures on blogs.

What can I say about Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha over at A Cooking Pot and Twisted Tales? Just seeing her site in my blog feed brightens my mood. Jackie features other bloggers, hosts awesome online “parties”, posts pictures and stories all guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

Finally, for now, I would like to send a shout-out to Tony Burgess of the aptly named The Tony Burgess Blog. This week he filled my head with two old favourite songs (“Manic Monday” by the Bangles and Mary Chapin-Carpenter’s “Down at the Twist and Shout”), had a couple of great six-word stories, and paid homage to St. Patrick’s Day.

If I haven’t mentioned you, please don’t think you haven’t inspired me. If I wrote everyone and everything down here I would have nothing left for next time. 🙂

Take care everyone!

Oh, and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!




13 Replies to “Kudos! – #1”

  1. Thanks for sharing Lydia 🙂 I feel so happy that you mentioned me. I read all the blogs you recommended and I laughed at what Tony’s shared for Saint Patrick’s day. I have special memory of this day. haha
    I already follow Dream big, dream often and the site is so full of inspiration. loved the post you shared.
    Wish I could attend the special invite for brunch…have fun you guys… are you going?

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  2. Lydia my dear, what can I say, but thank you very much for the lovely and generous comments. I truly appreciate them. The blogging community is a very supportive one and on days that I feel under the weather, just reading from others perks up my spirit. I know that your muse will soon return with a bang 🙂

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