Desperately Seeking Inspiration

InspireI am not sure how many of you will remember the Madonna/Aiden Quinn movie with a similar title (except he was seeking Susan!). I just thought it was a good attention grabber.

I have been wondering why I have not been writing as often as I would like. I have been in a lot of pain, not sleeping well and feeling slightly depressed.

However, I do not believe that any of these are the reason, nor is it all of the above! It stems back to something from my school days. I can’t write on demand! I need to be “inspired” by a topic. I can’t just take a random subject and start writing. My teachers would get so frustrated because they knew I could write, but I would usually not do assignments until the last minute because I couldn’t “just do it”.

And yet, when something hits me, I sometimes can’t stop – which is why you end up with less frequent long epic-like posts from me.

I guess the pain, insomnia and depression do numb the creative process to some degree. So, I will just have to tap into another source of inspiration!

Here’s to shorter posts more often! 🙂



16 Replies to “Desperately Seeking Inspiration”

  1. Chronic pain, insomnia AND depression – give yourself a break my good woman! of course you’re affected by these – you wouldn’t be human otherwise. I too need to be inspired and sometimes I’m a while between inspirations. Frankly, I would rather only post when I have something to say or share than insist on blogging every day and being a bore!

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    1. I suffer from chronic pain, insomnia and bipolar 24/7. Sometimes they ARE my inspiration, which is why I said that I didn’t think they were the current problem. I hope you don’t view my posts as boring (but that is your right LOL). What I try to do is put a light or funny slant on things. I really DO have a problem being creative on cue. And I write posts like this one so people know not to expect greatness all the time :-). I hope you come back again because my next few posts may make more sense.

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      1. No, no, I in no way meant to imply that your posts are boring nor that you should write less often!! In my awkward way I was empathizing as I also suffer from similar disorders and they were the mainstay inspirations for my old blog. Then I stopped feeling like I had anything interesting to say (I’m a radical perfectionist); no more inspiration. I also meant to say that being creative on cue is difficult and unpleasant for me, and that if I force it when I have no inspiration I find my posts boring. My posts – not yours. I have been following you for quite some time (you may know me better as Totally Mental) and I have no complaints! 😀 Keep on doing what you’ve been doing – no excuses necessary.

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      2. I kind of figured that is what you meant but because of the flares and everything my words aren’t coming out right (which I know you understand and was the actual point of all this LOL!). I knew you had a different blog name but couldn’t place it. I have never found you boring at all either. We understand each other perfectly because we are much the same 🙂 Take Care!

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  2. So sorry about the challenges. Being in pain can be a real pain, coupled with insufficient sleep which can only make the person feel worse. Just take it a day at a time. A line or two would do. I personally don’t think the length of writing matters, but the message. It could be three impactful words. Have a great week ahead


    1. Thanks, Jackie. It seems my message here got a little misunderstood. I was trying to comment about how I just remembered that I was never able to write on “demand” for an assignment at school, or other reasons. I was thinking I was in a writer’s block or the symptoms might be hampering my creativity. But I have those symptoms all the time. As I said in another comment sometimes they ARE my inspiration. But I really do appreciate your words of encouragement. You have a great week as well.


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