Paying It Forward!


I am feeling like a ten-ton weight has been lifted from me tonight. And while the weight is a bit of an exaggeration, I am purging a good amount of stuff out of this place as we get ready to move. And aside from the actual physical items, an emotional weight is gone as well.

Tonight I offered all of my cake decorating equipment to a young woman who has a natural gift for decorating like I have never seen before. Baking is what she has set as her career path, and if I can do anything to help her, I am happy to. Kay is taking some items as well, that I had promised her awhile ago.

Why is this such a relief to me? While I have some talent when it comes to designing and decorating, my execution over the past while has suffered due to my arthritis and my moods. I stress out over deadlines and perfection. I wanted to try different techniques, have fun with it but there was never enough time, or I wouldn’t feel up to it…always an excuse. I think it was more self-doubt in my skills. Or maybe I just wanted to like it but didn’t.

How did I come to the decision to off-load this expensive hobby? I looked around the office, cluttered with all of Hubby’s tools, computer equipment, what is left of his lighting hobby that didn’t go to his brother’s house, along with all my cake, crochet, papercraft and sewing stuff. Something needed to go and I prayed for even a small hint. I looked up at all the cake stuff and just knew that I had been given my answer.

Besides the physical and emotional strains this has had on my life, neither Hubby or I should be eating a lot of sugar, wheat, eggs, chocolate, dairy and just about anything else that goes into a cake. I figure the only way I am going to really kick my addiction to sugar and chocolate is to not have it around. A 4 tier wedding cake is not the best thing to be working on!

So, next comes the job of sorting all the items out and getting ready for her to pick them up on Sunday. This will be a labour of love for sure!



35 Replies to “Paying It Forward!”

      1. I know how you feel.
        I think the saying about it being better to give than receive is true. Well, receiving isn’t bad either. But it makes us feel better inside to give something to a person knowing they could use it or want it. 🙂
        I pretty sure she is thrilled with what you gave her.
        I was given a set of old German wood chisels. I wasn’t expecting that. The person knew I loved working with wood. They are in a old case which I am sure it came from the owner before.
        Giving things can cause a great sense of goodness that is inside us.

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  1. Paying it forward is so rewarding, knowing someone else will put to good use items that mean a great deal to you. Happy day to you! P.S. I found your site from Lynn of lynz real cooking. 🙂

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      1. Aww, thanks, Lydia!! I wanted it for my last name, in my divorce, but the attorney said I could only go back to an old name I already had before. Spoil sport! Now, I gotta save up to make the name change!

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      2. Ya, I know how you feel – I am still saving up to legally change my first name to Lydia. I have used it for so long now that I have to keep reminding myself to use my birth name legally. Thankfully it doesn’t change my signature as my initials are the same!

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