A Visitor

WTSoupI got a call tonight from one of my “guys”. I have talked about my dear friend, Dee, who has two sons whom I have known all their lives (well, minus 6 months for the older one, which I always tease him about on his birthday). They are going on 21 and 19, and I am so proud of how they have both turned out.

The younger guy called to say that he and his Mom made wontons and had a bag for me, could he bring it over. I was stoked, both for the wontons and the visit.

For me, wonton soup is my “chicken noodle”. You know, the comforting broth, meat and noodle soup that heals whatever ails you. And my friend makes the best wontons ever! Whenever she does up a batch she makes sure I get some and I couldn’t be happier. Right now I am a very picky eater thanks to my pain and other things and comfort food is the answer.

However, the delivered delights were not the only highlight. To see this awesome young man standing there at my door was also good medicine. He just had a disappointment in his young life but is handling it like a pro. He was excited to tell me of the mini road trip he is taking tomorrow on his own. He was also saying that if there was anything we need help with to give him a call – I may just take him up on that! 😉

Today had been a very slow day. We were busy on the weekend with both physical and emotional happenings so I was tired beyond normal. Hubby had to go to bed early because he has another early day so it was nice to have company, even if only for a brief time. I am now not feeling depressed or tired which is a good thing!

I am so blessed to have this whole family in my life. It has been almost 20 1/2 years since I met Dee, her husband, and their oldest son. However, it is one of those relationships where it seems like yesterday and it seems like forever, all at once. Thank you, Lord, for putting them into my life, all four of them.



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    1. Yes, I consider these people family! The soup is good. The wontons are pork dumplings that are cooked in a broth (we use chicken) with vegetables. I have used chicken or vegetable wontons/dumplings as well.


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