Dog and Cat for Hire!

kids1I was out with Kay this afternoon. She graciously offered to come shopping with me to pick up food for the fur-kids. It is a major undertaking involving two stops and a lot of money!

The first stop was the vet’s office to pick up Violet’s dry food and treats. We have to get it there because she has very sensitive allergies, needs nutrients for her joints and now is on a weight-loss plan. So, one 8 kg bag, two types of grain-free, beef-free treats and $130 later, Kay hauls the stuff to the van. Thank goodness I don’t have to get Monkey’s food there! And it didn’t even include any of Vi’s medicine!

Next, the pet store. Violet loves to go there, but we didn’t take her today – too hot out and she has been in a lot of pain. We picked up eight small cans of cat food for Monkey, six cans of wet for Violet (to hide her pills in), three frozen shank bones, Temptations for Monkey, and a container of wheat grass. I hate the Temptations snacks, but they are the only ones that Monkey will eat. I prefer more natural food items; however when Violet gets her treats for taking her medicine, Monkey has to get something as well. At least I only had to pay $50.00 here!

So, $180 later I have enough supplies to last about six weeks. Next will be the prescriptions which are a lot more.

I have come to the conclusion that as much as we love these two, they need to start earning their keep, LOL!! But what can they do?

Well, Monkey is a black cat which speaks of greatness right there. She is also an excellent mouser. She can climb like her namesake, run like her wild cousins, and “jump and stick” like an Olympic track star! Maybe we could get her on “American Ninja Warrior, Pet Edition”. I can see her aceing the warped wall, but she may have difficulty on the salmon ladder!

Violet is a great mouser as well! We took her to a camp we were cooking at that had been through a forest fire a year before and all the mice were scrambling around. Violet wasn’t allowed off leash at first but when the camp custodian saw her kill a few she was his new best friend! Violet also does impressions. In the picture above she is doing her Eeyore with the sad look and limp tail. She does others as well!

In all seriousness, I love these two furry goofs and don’t regret a single penny we put out for them.

On second thought…!



13 Replies to “Dog and Cat for Hire!”

  1. they are adorable….I nicknamed my new great niece Monkey as she is as fast as a little primate!!! LOL what we do for our pets…our old Border is on pain medication daily for her arthritis along with a anti-inflammatory and what I call old lady pee pills to help her bladder stay in shape…LOL my old girl has been my best friend for over 12 years…longer than I have been married to any of my husbands…LOL kat

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  2. We do live for our furry friends !!! I have 3. Miss Elsa, (Cairn Terrior), Bella (The Chicago Brown Dog) and Mr. Louie our tuxedo cat that we rescued…We have learned to co-habitate together and life is good. Blessing to you fur babies ❤

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  3. Our pets give us so much more, than money ever can buy Lydia. I do also use a lot of money to buy special food for all mine, but found out to buy it all online, which made it more cheap and it gets delivered for free in same time. Maybe you could check out, if you have same possibilities.

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    1. As you say they are more than money could buy. I would spend my last dollar if I knew it would help one of them. I like to complain, but in reality they know they are loved. The food I have to get is only sold online by the company and it works out more expensive than getting it from the vet because of duty (U.S. to Canada), exchange on the dollar and shipping! But thank you.

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  4. They are too cute! 🙂 They sound like Storm in the health area. She is already so expensive with things going wrong with her that I am a little scared about how she will be in a few years. 😦 She is definitely worth it though!

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