Happy Birthday Queen Elizabeth!

I did mention the Queen’s birthday in a humorous way in my Prince post but totally forgot to pay homage to her on this very special day.

Queen Elizabeth was born in the same year as both my parents. My mother was born in March, the Queen in April, and my dad in May. She has outlived them both and still seems to be going strong. No other British Monarch has reigned as long as her. On the news they showed her son, Prince Charles, quoting Shakespeare in honour of his mother. It mentioned a long reign, and I chuckled to myself (he’s still waiting!).

In Canada, we still love the Royals as part of our culture even though technically they are just figureheads. However, we love when they visit, watch their weddings, funerals, wait on news of births, etc. as if we were part of the family!

One of my favourite subjects in history class was the monarchy. I loved reading about all the kings and queens and their antics! I think my favourites were Henry VIII for all his wives, and Elizabeth the first.

My mother told me the story of Prince Edward and Mrs Simpson and how divorce was frowned upon in those days. So, Edward had to make a decision to marry the love of his life and abdicate (after less than a year on the throne) or continue to be the King of England. Well, he chose love, so his shy and stuttering Brother George became King. It is because of this ground-breaking event that Queen Elizabeth, eldest child of King George VI, became next in line to the throne.

While I will never have the pleasure of meeting her, I feel like the Queen is part of the family. I remember my Dad wondering where she got all her energy being only a month older than him! We always said “Happy Birthday Queen Elizabeth” in our house and I believe I always will think of her on this day, no matter how many more birthdays she celebrates.




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