The Tooth That Broke The Camel’s Back

Those who suffer from any type of chronic pain I am sure will understand my title all too well.

I chipped one of my molars a little while ago. Since it was root canaled (and waiting for a crown), I was waiting for my pain flare to settle before I put myself through a 45-minute car ride and a couple of hours in the dentist’s chair. If there is no pain, I tend to ignore things.

Well, yesterday the whole front side of the tooth came off, as well as another small chip. I now have to keep cleaning the area, or I do feel a lot of pain.

When you deal with chronic pain of any kind, your mind and even part of your physical self work overtime to pull you through the basics of the day. If you try to add more in the way of activity, or an acute pain of any degree comes along, you find yourself unable to cope.

Thankfully the tooth is only aching if I chew on that side, and food gets in; however, I can’t wait until my appointment to get it fixed. In the meantime, I am going to take it easy.



12 Replies to “The Tooth That Broke The Camel’s Back”

  1. Sending prayers out to you gurl…
    Yes lets just add a little more pain on top of pain.. dealing with tooth pain myself… to crazy that we are going through or been through a lot alike…
    How is your day going besides this tooth of yours?? I also know how it is to only being able to focus on the pain when it gets that bad…
    Hugggs sunshine

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      1. Same here gurl same here..slower day today for sure.. It started off rough so just taking it easy for now and hope I can pull it off to get some things done today..
        You sunshine are most welcome you can never have enough prayers out there…

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  2. I really like your blog, thank you for sharing.
    I’ve been looking around and it’s always nice to see people who have more experience with bipolarity and to be able to look up to them.
    (sorry I know this had nothing to do with the post)

    Hope the tooth is fixed fast and that all the pain goes away!

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    1. Thank you Lynn. I saw the dentist this afternoon and he placed a temporary filling around it. The tooth that broke had a root canal so it wasn’t hurting; however pieces were coming off under the gum and it was exposing a cavity on the next tooth which is what was aching. I have been able to manage with just a few Tylenol. He isn’t sure what the next step will be though.

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