Foodie Friday – Lemon meringue parrot ice cream

Since “Parrott” is my maiden name and I love ice cream, meringue, and lemon, I had to share this! The pictures and the story are worth the long post!  This dessert is definitely in my future!

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lemon meringue parrot ©  lemon meringue parrot © meringue parrot ©  lemon meringue parrot ©

Once upon thyme, and whilst eating a galaxy bar, far away (in Cornwall), where resides an Eclectus pet parrot, love looms large, bread pudding and lemon meringue pie are considered currency.

lemon meringue parrot ©  lemon meringue parrot ©

Said parrot is both treasured and ruined respectively and also placated as petulant human child. Though children don’t usually have such a vivid, wondrous bright green plumage, or a sharp, raptor beak .  His most obvious human characteristic streak is, however, that of jealousy which cannot be vilified or bettered, he is a one woman bird, a somewhat commendable trait.

lemon meringue parrot ©  lemon meringue parrot ©

I was put into his ‘Mummies arms’ when I was born. Our Mothers were our reciprocal God Parents.  More of this in a post a couple of Christmases ago.  We are as near to sisters without being sisters as one could ever be, she describes us as cousins, obviously hasn’t thought that one through…. (nowt new there then).

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