Another Missed Opportunity

medicalI didn’t write or do much of anything in the blogosphere this weekend. I somehow picked up another flu bug and was extremely ill. I am feeling a little better now; however, I am very frustrated that every time I have plans, I seem to get something that keeps me from going.

This weekend it was to help celebrate the accomplishments of a young woman who has blessed my life for many years now. Even though I haven’t seen her in ages, we will always be in each other’s hearts, and I have God to thank for that. I am going to call her “Doc” for reasons you will soon see.

I met Doc when she was 15 and in grade 10. She was part of our church’s youth; however, she didn’t join in much with the youth program. We found out she enjoyed working with computers and had taught herself some basic web design. At that time, Hubby and I owned a web hosting and development company with two friends. I got Doc to help with the church website which I volunteered on and she did an excellent job. So, I hired her to do coding for me on our clients’ sites.

She proved to be a tremendous asset to the company and help for me. I would send her a sample page layout, and she would create the rest of the site faster than I could blink! We worked in our homes and communicated mostly by MSN manager (it was awhile ago! 😉 ). We both are fast typers, so it was like we were having a regular conversation. However, most of the time we didn’t have to “talk” because we could practically read each other’s minds! I loved working with her as was sad when higher learning took her away – though I was so proud of her at the same time!

Doc graduated from high school with flying colours. She went on to get a Bachelor of Science, four years of medical school and then into her specialty of choice.

Mixed in with all of this education, Doc met the man of her dreams, married him (I made the wedding cake!) and just this year gave birth to twins.

The celebration yesterday was that Doc passed her specialty exam. Also, I still haven’t met her babies. Both Hubby and I were looking forward to going both to honour her and reconnect with her, her hubby, and the rest of her family. Her parents have been dear friends; however, they moved, and we just lost touch. This is sad because these people are more like family.

But Doc would not want me sitting around feeling sorry for myself because I couldn’t go. She would tell me to do whatever I can to get stronger and feel better. So, to honour her, that is exactly what I will do.

I am so proud of my Doc!



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      1. Yes that is a GREAT way as well…If not in person what better way..such a great idea…I am glad you did it since she sounds like a wonderful person inside and out..I loved how she helped you…

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  1. Also I know all to well about missing out on things (life) chronic illnesses …I have learned not to plan things that way I don’t get AS upset with myself…
    Heck even Dr appointments are getting hard to keep with being sick and the long azz drive to get to them…


    1. Haha! Another way we are alike. My doctor is an hour away across a horrifically large bridge so I can’t/won’t go by myself and it is really hard to get an appointment. That’s also why I am having so many teeth problems because I can’t make and keep an appointment! Now the receptionist is going to call ME when there is a last-minute hygiene cancellation and see if I am up to it rather than booking and having me cancel! Much smarter!

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      1. gurl!!!! lol you sure we are not living the same life just in a different area lmfao..
        I go over a long bridge as well but doesn’t bother me (better half he drives) I have had to cancelled so many appointments and try for another day with what we go through we don’t know how were going to feel until that day comes up and been up for awhile so I maybe fine today but tomorrow not so…
        One Dr stopped seeing my dad since he missed his appointments it wasn’t his fault heck he just had a triple bypass and not feeling good…some just don’t care.. I have a appointment tomorrow in Dallas long azz drive and the way I feel today and the rain not helping I feel like cancelling it.. but I really can’t since I don’t want to go thru withdraws even though I do have enough for a couple days or longer …I will try to start getting ready today like take a shower fix my hair things like that…to make my day easier ..then on Thursday another trip to Dallas for another appointment with another Dr…it never ends…something has to change ..and it will that is coming soon…..
        I may have to try like you about calling in to the Dr on a certian day to see if they have an opening so I don’t have to keep changing the time and date lol


      2. I hear you loud and clear. I have been with my GP since the first day she opened her practice and I am afraid she may be closing it soon (we have been through thick and thin for over 30 years – that’s longer than a lot of marriages LOL). They allow me to make “emergency” appointments same day. They are supposed to be for real emergencies but they know if I call I need to come in and am able to. Also, she trusts me with my medications so she will do refills by fax. If there is an issue with one of them she knows I will call or go in. But I still have trouble getting going sometimes.

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      3. You are a lucky gurl for sure with having the same dr for that long and knows you and the problems.. I hope one day to find the one dr to take care of all my shitters lol and one that cares ..I am bout ready to fire one I will see how she treats me this Thursday she is not doing the treatments and test like she should be with my illnesses I am very upset with her and have been she is rude along with a bunch of other things…drive all the way up and for a 10 minute visit just for her not even to touch me or look at me and just say oh it’s your lupus and fibro when I stressed how sick I had been and scary tired in bed for month or so ..all I get is it’s lupus or your fibro..YOU know when something else going on in that body of yours I know you do too…

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  2. Aaaaw what a lovely tribute to your friend. It’s lovely .I can feel the genuineness of this post. You are a good egg ,Lydia. Hope you feel better soon -oh and don’t forget reunion pics 🙂

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    1. She’s actually not MY doctor, Irene. She is a young woman whom I have known since she was a teenager and is incredibly smart and knows what she wants out of life. She became a doctor 2 years ago and has been working on her specialty in the cancer field since then. Now she has a new “job” as a mother of twins, a boy and a girl. I am so proud of her. I called her “Doc” here instead of her real name. Also, I think it is a good name for her so if she is reading this I may just be calling her that once in awhile! Thank you so much for replying, Irene. It is always so good to hear from you.

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      1. That would be great; however, she has become a specialist in radiation treatments for cancer patients. She is so bright I am glad she didn’t just become a general doctor. She will go far in her career.But, yes, that sure would be nice! 🙂

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