I Can’t See The Broccoli For The Fibro-Fog

broccoliYesterday I submitted an online order for an early morning grocery delivery. I carefully reviewed it a couple of times before submitting, making sure I got what I needed within my budget.

Or, at least so I thought.

The warmer weather is starting and so is my appetite for salads. I like to make up fresh salads that will last for a few days as something I can munch on when I feel hungry. I eat small meals throughout the day and when I am alone, I don’t always like to cook much.

So, I made a Greek salad for hubby and potato primavera for me, a fruit salad for both of us and was just waiting for the main ingredient for our favourite broccoli salad to arrive this morning.

And here’s where our story lies.

I was looking at the bulk broccoli crowns and decided to get 3 for my salad. I went through the rest of the produce items and came to the packaged vegetables and greens. They had a large 900g bag of broccoli flowerets on sale so I chose that. I vaguely remember thinking I needed to remove the spears but obviously, my brain was still somewhere in fibrospace!

So, when my favourite delivery person came to the door, he said he had some changes to the order. The blueberries were shorted and they were out of the large bags of broccoli so they gave me three small bags of the brand name for the same price. Things still didn’t process in my head.

Finally, as I started putting things away and I saw a sea of green in one bag it all started coming back. I had double ordered broccoli and the store gave me more of the bagged stuff than the original one so I now have over 2 kilos of “trees” and a short window in which to use them.

Well, at least I can laugh at it. In fact, it has kind of brightened my mood! But that’s the thing about fibro fog, it is with you so much that you have to find the humour in things or it can drag you down (literally and figuratively) very quickly.



13 Replies to “I Can’t See The Broccoli For The Fibro-Fog”

  1. yes you have to just laugh sometimes gurl lol….
    you could make a batch of broccoli and cheese soup with the extra???? just a thought.. and if so send it my way please lol

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    1. Ha ha, thanks for the suggestion! I made a shrimp stir-fry today, and of course, my salad. I was thinking soup as well but I don’t think you would like my version as I have to use coconut milk and no cheese for my hubby. But I could make some regular for you too! 😉

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      1. all that sounds so good gurl…I would try the other one with coconut milk..
        I have a question for you about coconut water if you don’t mind??.. I will ask …lol
        I have tried a few coconut waters and each one taste like salted water………………………WTHeck…..I want to find one that taste like coconut milk from a real coconut…any help for me gurl??
        And if you have already made me a bowl then I will be over in a few…yummy

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      2. To be honest, I have not found any coconut water that tastes good. It is the only coconut product I don’t use. And, sorry, no soup yet! LOL It is really hot here!


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