I Love Disney, But…

Okay, a small rant.

I joined the Disney Movie Club well over a year ago because we were buying a lot of their movies for Kay’s kids and Disney has a lot of good adult stuff too.

I received my first batch of movies, sent the card in saying I didn’t want that month’s feature and then heard nothing. About a month or so later I got an email asking me to call to verify my address for them because something was wrong with my account. So, I did, was assured everything was fixed and I would receive my next catalogue and feature selection soon. Nothing happened for six months and I got another email. I did the same procedure then and still was not receiving anything.

So, today, along comes another email. The instructions were exactly the same. I just got off the phone after verifying my address for the third time. I explained this to the woman who stuck to her script and never acknowledged me once. Before we hung up, I asked if there was a record of my other calls and she just said, “yes, now would you like to pre-purchase a copy of the Jungle Book live action movie?” I declined, keeping my pain induced anger in check. We exchanged pleasantries that neither of us meant and hung up.

On the bright side, at least if they say I am in breach of my contract for not buying the quota of movies, I know that my attempts to receive the packages are on record!

And really, who can stay angry with a company that has given us Mickey Mouse, Mary Poppins, Frozen, and now owns Star Wars! 🙂



About LydiaA1614

I am a woman, wife, Christian, mentor, writer, crafter and dreamer. I have had many health challenges in my 50+ years - both physical and mental. But these just enhance my other qualities and make me the individual I am. My writing encompasses all of the above and more.
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14 Responses to I Love Disney, But…

  1. walkerkaty0 says:

    That would annoy me! But I’m obsessed with Disney and if I had the money I probably would join the movie club too lol.

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  2. Lydia you are a good soul because I Jacqueline would have lost it a little bit of my politeness and chewed her ears for the record. I love Disney, but not enough to be treated shabbily. Let’s hope they don’t call again in six months time with the same…

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  3. DaisyWillows says:

    All I can do is smile….

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  4. LydiaA1614 says:

    Read my comment to to Katy above for another smile! 🙂


  5. Ridiculous they still haven’t gotten it correct. I myself might have kept my temper but I would have been too annoyed and cancelled all so well done for keeping cool!

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  6. Bernadette says:

    Lydia, you are a good soul as Jacqueline says. I don’t know that I would be as patient as you are. I think I might have turned into the Beast!

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