Music Monday – On A Wednesday!

I am happy to say that my tardiness is due to being too busy and not about my health! Aside from a nasty sinus infection and allergies (and of course my normal levels of pain and fatigue) I am feeling pretty good.

I am not quite ready to reveal the source of my busyness; however that will come. Let’s get on with the tunes…we’ve been waiting long enough!

Hubby and I love the show “The Voice”. We have been watching since season 3 and are loving the batch of contestants battling it out in season 10. They just keep pulling out the big guns in terms of the songs they sing.

On Monday night, Laith Al-Saadi from team Adam (Levine) tackled one of my all time favourite Bob Seger songs, “We’ve Got Tonight”. His girlfriend was in tears and I, too, was moved by this stellar performance. I am a tough sale as the only version that I have really loved was Seger’s solo.

Another Voice performance this week that I found noteworthy was Paxton Ingram’s (team Blake Shelton) Instant Save rendition of Whitney Huston’s “How Will I Know?”. It is almost unrecognizable; however, in a very tender, almost gospel way. It got him the save to carry on for another week!



6 Replies to “Music Monday – On A Wednesday!”

  1. All great singers on The Voice, but Laith and Adam are bluesy, rock and roll singers who can flat play some instruments. Check out some of Laith’s recordings online before The Voice. They are unreal.

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    1. Yes, I found them soon after Pharrel mentioned them a few weeks ago. Amazing. Both Adam and Laith do my kind of music and you are right, their musicianship equals their vocal talents. That BB King number was off the charts!


      1. Agreed. Peter Frampton once said, “you are a star for about eighteen months, but you are musician for life.” These two guys will be playing long into the future.

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      2. I don’t know if you have seen Laith’s youtube of “All Along The Watchtower” but it is his trio in a bar somewhere. Those guys are in the zone and Laith’s guitar and voice are fine-tuned to each other!


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