Just Another Quiet Saturday?

0o1a4703-1462Ya, right!

But honestly, I like the noise and organized chaos that is our weekends. The only problem is it can trigger fibrofog and even headaches.

I woke up three times this morning. At 8:30 the alarm went off to take pills. Then at 9:30 the canine alarm went off to feed her and her feline sister. And this one is an alarm you can’t snooze or cancel! Finally, at 11:45 am I was able to crawl out of bed and stay there.

Shortly after this, the canine alarm went off again, this time for hubby to take her out for her walk. Again, this is a very persistent alarm. The feline alarm went off wanting outside to check out the neighbourhood.

After the walk, hubby settled in to play a computer game with his nephews. This is a weekend thing, and I am glad he has this for his sake and for the boys. They are a half hour away at their Dad’s house, and the communicate over the speakerphone. So I get to hear all the game noises from hubby’s computer, their two computers and everyone talking about what is going on. You see, my computer is right beside hubby’s in the office.

Unless I have a headache or a migraine, the noise is a happy thing. I would love to have kids laughing and talking here in my house – this is the next best thing. I love these boys. They are really cool and have gone through some tough stuff for their ages.

But then again, I do have Violet (the canine alarm) and Monkey (the feline alarm).

I am also communicating with my new business partner over Facebook chat, and it is so nice to be able to do this. We talk work and also chat to get to know each other. She is amazing, and I really believe we can make this work. What’s the noise here you ask? Just the dings on my phone as she sends the next message (Anna, it is not a bad thing, I love knowing you have sent me something).

I just made us a late (3:30 pm) lunch, and we are eating at our computers (breaking a rule I have always tried to instill in students and employees!)

The kids that live in our building are playing outside and while I love the sound of them when it blends it with everything else my concentration gets all muddled.

That’s just a part of fibrofog I have learned to accept. Too much noise diminishes my thought processes. Even trying to write this is not easy.

If the tradeoff is silence, I will take the noise every time despite the consequences!




8 Replies to “Just Another Quiet Saturday?”

  1. Lydia, we have one of those houses where the kids come over to hang with ours. Hearing their laughter is the greatest gift. Although, I do take hikes and rise early for some solace. Enjoy your Sunday. Keith

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    1. I totally agree, Keith. Unfortunately my condition sometimes takes that laughter and turns it into actual pain. As I said in the post, though, I would rather have that than silence! Hope your day is going well. Lydia!

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