Music Monday – Go-Go’s Gone-Gone?

Hubby and I watched the 2016 Billboard Awards last night like we do most awards shows – we record it early and watch it later so we can skip any performances, drawn out acceptance speeches and, of course, commercials we aren’t interested in.

One act that we didn’t FF through was the 35th Aniversary of the Go-Go’s hit “We’ve Got The Beat”. And they still do. Belinda Carlisle was rocking the vocals while other members were just as into the performance. It was mentioned that this summer will be their farewell tour. However, they made it known in an interview “we aren’t breaking up, just not touring.”

The Go-Go’s were the first and only all-female rock band and to hit the Billboard Hot 100 while writing their own music and playing their own instruments. They have been an inspiration for many female artists who have come along since. They actually started with their roots in punk.

The group have not been immune to line-up changes, law-suits, and break-ups; however when they do perform, their energy and talent are always there. Each member of the main group has had notable solo careers with Belinda Carlisle and Jane Weidlin leading the way.

I saw the Go-Go’s in the early 80’s, around the time of the album “Beauty and the Beat.” It was a fun, high energy concert that left you feeling good and singing their songs as you left the venue.

Seeing a much older group of women up there on the Billboard Awards stage last night wasn’t exactly as I remembered being there. However, these women still know how to rock it!

Thanks, ladies for some awesome music!

Oh, and just a side note, Madonna’s tribute to Prince (with the help of Stevie Wonder for Purple Rain) was very well done. Other highlights were seeing a sizable Canadian contingent including the Weekend (winning several awards and dedicating the first one to Prince), Justin Beiber (winning once with a pretty weak speech, and performing), Sean Mendez (performing), and Celine Dion (singing an emotional tribute to her beloved late husband and receiving the icon award from her oldest son). Seeing Kesha sing Bob Dylan’s “It Ain’t Me Babe” and then receive a massive standing ovation after finally winning the right to sing back was another highlight for me.



5 Replies to “Music Monday – Go-Go’s Gone-Gone?”

  1. I could not stay up for the Go-Gos. I am glad you enjoyed it. I just loved their fun energy and rock and roll bent when they arrived on the scene. Keisha’s Bob Dylan was also outstanding last night.

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  2. Love the video, a blast from the past….I missed the bill board awards but caught some of it on tv today….read your post on your dad….I really liked it….it feels good to put pen to paper so to say, let it out….glad you shared your feelings….and personally I think he’s smiling down on you, as I believe that after you pass, your life is replayed over to help you answer those questions that never had an answer….he is proud and happy of you for being in a better place and taking care of you….no worries… has to be all about you…even though we have spouses, children, friends, Church groups, etc…we really are alone, and if we don’t take care of us…who really will….hope your feeling better…..kat

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    1. Kat, thank you for your wonderful words. I would like to think that when I see my parents in heaven that everything from the past will be gone and we will have a clean slate. Your words helped further that thought. ❤

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      1. That’s my belief….since I have started to think this way, I am at ease with all the unknowns and the questions that can’t be answered for me by anyone in my life….I am hoping that passing has caused all the pain and personal suffering to stop for them….only hoping light love and joy wherever they are…..xxkat

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