Faith-Full Sunday – “Diamonds”

diamonds2It has been almost a week since my last post. While I was faithful in my writing for the last while, lately I have been busy with my new business venture, fighting both chronic and acute pain.

At the time of writing this, I am hoping to go to church today. It has been so long since I have been to a regular service. I have found a wonderful group of ladies who are believers AND chronic pain sufferers which make it a true blessing. However, there is still nothing like being in a room with fellow worshipers and feeling the Joy of the Lord.

I have had a difficult time over the last few years trying to deal with not going to church and going through all my trials (health). On the surface, you can say that I am not going because my trials make me unable to go, and that would be totally sufficient. However, I can’t help thinking the reverse – that because I don’t attend church, my trials are ongoing. I know that my friends who read this blog are going to tell me that this is not true. However, the enemy does his best to get in our heads.

I recently started hearing a song on the radio that helped me with this conundrum of faith. Hawk Nelson’s “Diamonds,” tells the story of how the Lord is refining us in the fire to turn us into diamonds, giving us strength; and, He is doing it with joy!

The song seems to come on the radio each time I doubt myself or feel weak. I fully believe that is the reason I want to go to church. I am stronger thanks to His refining fire – physically, emotionally, and spiritually! I want to hang out with other diamonds and rejoice with them.

I hope this song speaks to you in some way as well. Happy Sunday.




9 Replies to “Faith-Full Sunday – “Diamonds””

    1. Thanks, Keith. Unfortunately, I had to take extra pain medicine in the night so couldn’t drive and Hubby had a rough night as well so I didn’t want to wake him. There is always next week!


  1. I really enjoyed the song and the meaning..I can relate to that song for sure…
    I hope that you are having a relaxing Sunday and that all is going ok with you..I hope you made it to your church and got to visit with your friends…
    Stay strong gurl

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    1. Thanks, Suzette. No, unfortunately I didn’t make it today (see comment to Keith) but there is always next week. I am glad you enjoyed the song and could relate to it. We will get through this! Hugs back,

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      1. Well gurl as long as the Great Lord gives us another day than maybe next Sunday will be a better chance for you I hope and pray….I did enjoy it thank you my friend….
        Yes we will get through this ..
        I know how it is to miss church (when I was able) But I also think as long as you are talking about the lord then you are in church…if you are reading your bible or praying than well you are in church just at home least don’t beat yourself up over missing church..God knows all…At least you tried..
        Thank you for the hugggs sunshine
        Hope that you are relaxing and taking it easy on this Sunday
        Hugggggs again …

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