Tribute – Christina Grimmie Had “The Voice”

christina-grimmie-gives-her-fans-sneak-peek-cliche-her-birthday-altA few years ago I was looking for a song on Youtube and found a cover version by a teenager named Christina Grimmie. She blew me away, so I subscribed to her and watched many of her videos. The song I found was Christian, but she proved to be at home with any genre.

Hubby and I started to watch “The Voice” in season three, and it became one of our favorite shows. In season 6, during the blinds, a young woman came out and belted out “Wrecking Ball” like it was her own. All four chairs turned but ultimately she chose Adam Levine as her coach.

That young woman was Christina Grimmie. She came in third behind Josh Kaufman and Jake Worthington. However, she may as well have won the whole thing as her career took off from there. She toured with Selena Gomez, did fashion spots during Season 9 on TV and online. Christina cut an EP called “Side A.”

Unfortunately, she didn’t complete the follow-up, aptly named “Side B”. Last night, Christina was shot point blank by a man with two guns who got to her while she was signing autographs and talking with fans.

Christina’s brother tackled the man and has been called a hero for saving other potential victims. The attacker then shot himself – maybe keeping his motive a secret forever.

Christina passed away at the hospital a short while after from her injuries leaving a world full of fans wondering why this mega-talented 22-year-old had to be taken from us so soon. At least she is now with the Lord she loved.

I leave you with two very different and powerful performances. I hope you like them as much as I do. Rest In Peace, Christina, you will be missed.





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