It’s All In The Cards!


I was feeling a little down this morning even though I had one of my better sleeps. My teeth are aching, and while my pain threshold can manage it no problem, it is an annoyance. I have also been experiencing more (and different) vertigo than normal.

However, my day instantly brightened when I saw a note on my FaceBook wall from my new and lovely business partner, Anna from The Self-Actualized Life. It contained the picture above of our brand new business cards for Global Media Mavens!

Even though I don’t have the cards in my hands, it still feels validated now. You see,  we not only live in different cities but different countries – at least we are on the same continent! 🙂

Anyway, I am very happy to be in this with Anna. We are offering services including social media registration and management, website design/development/management, SEO and marketing strategies. So check us out. Our site is still a work in progress, but all the important information is there. Actually, it may always be a work in progress because it is my “playground”. You should check back often so you can see new techniques!


PS I am not posting a “Music Monday” today as I did two music posts on the weekend. I will save it for next week!


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