cookiesToday we went to the Celebration of Life for Hubby’s uncle who recently passed away. He was a very sweet man; however, we learned things about him that we had never known when he was alive. Things that endeared me to him even more.

There were food and refreshments after at the church. My blood sugar was down, and I knew I needed to eat. It would have to be something soft as my chewing is not the greatest from my teeth. I decided to take a quarter sandwich. Even though it was wheat bread, I thought it was the safest choice. It was so good I had another one. I then grabbed a couple of pieces of cheese.

When I turned around, I saw Hubby munching on a large chocolate chip cookie. I have been about ten days free of refined sugar and feeling quite good from it. But seeing him eat a cookie broke any will-power I had up to that moment. Seeing other people eat the desserts did not bother me. However, seeing him eating it was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Thankfully, though, it was only a hairline fracture. I had a one-inch square brownie and the same size lemon square. They were very good. Lemon and chocolate are two of my favorite flavors in sweets.

For a minute, I thought that this was the end, and I was going to have to start over again for the umpteenth time. Defeat began to rear its ugly head. But then it suddenly stopped.

I was still hungry and feeling a little shaky, so I looked at the food table one more time. I looked at the sweets, but my eyes went back to the plates of sandwiches. In the end, I had four quarter sandwiches, some cheese, and those little desserts.

They tasted amazing; however, I had no desire to have any more. Even now, many hours later I am not craving sweet in the least.

Does this mean I am past the point where I have to deny myself completely? I don’t know. What I do know is that my dear Hubby, who may have a bad tummy tonight from his cookie and sandwiches, is my hero for helping me test my boundaries. Just one more reason I love him!



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    1. Sometimes you just have to do it. Sugar affects my pain and mood levels, not to mention my waistline! But I am talking about me here, I don’t recommend going completely off refined sugars cold turkey – there is definitely a withdrawal component.

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