Faith-Full Sunday – “The Words I Would Say”

One of my dearest friends has two sons who I have had the honour of watching grow up into fine young men. In fact, I was able to have a hand in their upbringing by being a Nanny to the older one for the first years of his life and just being in their lives in a host of different ways.

The youngest of these two brothers suffers from Tourettes. I am so proud of how he has handled himself because it hasn’t been easy on so many levels. While I kept my struggles with bipolar and depression from both boys, I did share with the younger that I could relate in many ways to the isolation he felt and the frustration about not being able to control emotions or do the things he loved.

One day this song by the Sidewalk Prophets came on the radio and I started to cry. It was my perfect message to him. I had made a CD of songs for his mother and this one was included on it. She played it for him and it gave him comfort.

With all that has gone on in this young man’s life his faith in the Lord has never waivered. He is such a good example for the teens in our youth group, of which he is a leader.

He graduated last year and I offered to do a powerpoint for our church grad banquet. I had done one for his brother a few years before. I used this song as well as another that he picked out to go with the pictures. I am so proud of these two young men and love the fact that they have never grown out of having me as an “other mother”.

These Are The Words I Would Say

Be strong in the Lord and
never give up hope.
You’re gonna do great things
I already know
God’s got his hand on you so
don’t live life in fear
forgive and forget
but don’t forget why you’re here
Take your time and pray
These are the words I would say

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