She Gets Me!

Yesterday I got a call from my dentist’s office to see what was happening with the extraction. I told her I called the other dentist’s office on Tuesday as requested (he had been away) and that they got me in the next day. She was amazed.

She asked how I was feeling and I went through the whole thing from the extraction to the trouble stopping the bleeding. We discussed several points and she said, “Is it bothering your sleep?”

Then there was silence for a second and she said “or should I say is it making your not sleeping worse?”

We both started laughing! It was at that moment that I knew that this lady understood my health situation. That she felt comfortable laughing with me. I have known her since I started going to my dentist about seven years ago,  Over the last few years I know she got frustrated when I would have to cancel last minute, once even switching out appointments with hubby recently. But now she understands it isn’t me, it is my crazy body and mind.

She did apologize for laughing and I said no, if I didn’t laugh sometimes I would cry.

I said that there were still some small concerns but I wasn’t sure if they were from the extractions or my normal chronic health conditions. So we left it that she will call me in a week but if anything changes or I have questions to call anytime.




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