When One Door Closes…

DoorJust when you think you have your life in order, you are thrown a curveball and need to start over. It is like building a house of cards only to have it collapse on the very last one.

Yesterday I had to make a tough decision to end my participation in Global Media Mavens for health reasons. I loved working with my partner, Anna and regret letting her down. However, I could hear my life coach reminding me that my full-time job is looking after my health. If I juggled both “jobs” for much longer, they would both fall apart. I wish Anna all the best as she continues with her dream.

As for me, I need to get my mouth healed so we can go onto the next phase in my dental journey. I am experiencing more problems with my hernia, and I will probably have to have that dealt with sooner than later. My chest infection needs attention as well. And of course, there are the pain, fatigue, and insomnia that I deal with on an ongoing basis.

So yes, that is a full-time job.

Also, I miss my blogging routine. I apologize that I haven’t spent much time lately reading and commenting on your blogs. I am looking forward to reconnecting.

So, while I am sad for what I have lost, I am excited for what I will gain.





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