Music Monday – “My Way”

Kay has got us hooked on America’s Got Talent and this year they really do have a lot of talent.

When Sal Valentinetti came out on stage he stole it. He owned the room both with his charm and with his singing. He is 20 years old and yet he is an old soul, talking about how the music of Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, et al, helps keep the memory of his grandmother alive. How his mother is his life. He is an Italian guy who delivers pizzas for his cousin (Big Tommy) but  I don’t think he will be doing that for too much longer. Sal wants to make a name for himself and he is off to a good start, doing it his way!

This performance will just make you feel good. Sal’s got talent.



9 Replies to “Music Monday – “My Way””

  1. Lydia, he is terrific. We have gone in spells, where we watch religiously some years and not at all the next. This past year, we paid attention to The Voice for the first time. I loved the two musicians who did well in that in competition. Thanks for sharing, Keith


    1. Keith, we are die-hard The Voice watchers and have been since season 3. I have only gotten into watching AGT since a young woman started staying with us. She got onto The Voice with us, so it worked out well! This year there seems to a bumper crop of great talent, especially the singers. And for the most part Simon Cowell is behaving himself! 😉
      Have a great day, Lydia!

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  2. We quit watching when Howard Stern became one of the judges but have started watching it again this year. You’re right about Sal. He was amazing!

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