You Can Teach a Dog…


So, many of you are probably thinking I am writing about my dear hound, Violet again. Well, she is an old dog (just turned 12) and but she is way too set in her ways to learn any new tricks.

For me to use a saying that refers to a dog when talking about myself is real evidence that I am changing and learning to have a new outlook on life. When I was growing up I was bullied everywhere I went. It didn’t matter where I was or if the kids bullying me knew me or not – a common theme was to call me a dog. Yes, I was overweight, and yes, I maybe wasn’t super beautiful or graceful. But these words cut right through me to the point that when I learned my Chinese Zodiac animal was the dog, I was convinced that I was the ugliest person on earth.

That has all changed – I have God who made me just the way He wanted me and I have a loving husband who sees beauty in me even when I can’t. And I am learning to see the positives about me even when I am inflamed from pain. The other day I calmly looked at myself in the mirror and said “Lydia, you are obese. It is time to start seriously doing something about it”.

But this is not what I am referring to in the title either.

Over the weekend I checked my bank accounts and found out that once again when payments came out, I was in overdraft. I talked to hubby and told him that I have been trying, but I could tell he was very disappointed in me. So, I took matters into my own hands. I disconnected the bank account and credit card from my PayPal account, so it is not useable at the moment. I handed him my debit and credit cards, except for the one for my shopping account. And I wrote out a pledge with several points outlining what I will do to better control my spending.

I had some shopping to do and a very small budget. I needed medicines for Violet and do not get any more in my pet budget until Saturday. Something drilled into me growing up was you NEVER owe money. It took a lot of prayer and courage, however, I called up the vet’s office and asked if I could pick up the medicine and pay for it Saturday. The vet said no problem – we have spent a lot of money there, including adopting a cat! This was a major change for me and I felt good. They believe in me. I also needed Violet’s dental chews, which she MUST have every evening or she drives me crazy. I went to my other two stops first to get the “must have” food items. By the time I got to the vet, I had enough left over for the chews (I wasn’t taking them on credit).

When I got home and checked my bank account, I had 10% of my original budget left. I didn’t buy anything that wasn’t on the list I made with Hubby. I also didn’t have to not get something we needed.

I feel very empowered!

So now I am on my way to controlling both my processed sugar intake and my spending. Now to work on sleep! 🙂

So I am NOT a dog, but I obviously CAN learn new tricks.




22 Replies to “You Can Teach a Dog…”

  1. Yes! I am happy for you! I have been there! It is tough to change but us ‘old dogs’ are capable of learning new tricks! It is always a process, it does not happen over night! I am glad that your Vet believes in you, but what is even more important, is that you believe in yourself! God bless you for your transparency and willingness to keep trying! I found having online banking was helpful, but I know some people find putting the budgeted monies in separate cash envelopes and paying and spending that way. Broke how when I use debit there often can be a disconnect between my shopping and money leaving my account! When you are on a limited income those overdraft charges can really bite! So, from this ol’ dog to another, love, huge hugs & big cheers! J<3

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  2. Good for you… is very empowering to stay in budget and just all around good not to consume white sugar….LOL your doing great….you are taking the steps to correct the issue…god for you!!! kat

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  3. This is such great post Lydia. It does feel good to be in charge and keep it at the level that you can handle and the more practice the better you get. Thank you for sharing this and yes indeed we can learn and unlearn every day.

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  4. Hi Lydia, found my way here through its feature in Jackie’s blog 🙂
    I’m so glad I decided to stop over. What an honest post this was. Well done. I admire your courage to put up the most difficult and sometimes even what people conjecture as embarrassing details onto the blog fearlessly!
    I’m looking forward to more posts from you. Cheers! 🙂

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  5. I was raised not to spend money, but am bipolar II. So I definitely struggled with the dichotomy. It took time, and my meds were helpful too. But in the end, it was just about making a game plan for the next manic cycling. When I feel my thoughts racing or sped-up speech, I just try to put off as many purchases, shopping trips or general trips outside as possible. If I do get restless, we have movie passes from rewards programs — so we can go out and “indulge” without spending.

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    1. That is such a good idea. When I feel I am going to spend on things like candy, clothes or other such things I take my friend or Hubby with me. I know I can’t hide it from them or explain it away. Thanks for stopping by!


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