Happy Canada Day

Happy_Canada_Day-500x500Today is the 149th birthday of the country I call home. A good friend reminded me on her Facebook page some of the important things about this wonderful place and I thought I would make my own list.

  • I was born and raised a Canadian by Canadian Parents
  • My Dad’s grandfather came from the US and chose to live in Canada
  • My Mom’s father came with his Father and two sisters from England
  • I grew up at a wonderful time to witness the changing of our National Anthem from “God Save the Queen” to “Oh Canada”, the Centennial in 1967 and through two Prime Minister Trudeau’s
  • My friends came from all walks of life – we didn’t waste time on why we were different, we just accepted each other as we were and I learned a great deal about other cultures
  • I learned to love the game of hockey from a very young age! After all, we invented it!
  • I was always saying “I’m sorry” and people would get on my case for it. Excuse me, but we’re Canadians, eh?
  • At present I can travel in almost any direction and be at either the water or the mountains in a short time
  • I love that we have connections to the United Kingdom, the Queen, and all things royal. I ache for the trials they are going through right now
  • We have two official languages and opportunities in all levels of education to learn them both
  • We are a very Foxy country – home to Terry and Micheal J
  • We are free to believe (or not to) in whichever religion we choose
  • Tim Horton’s (enough said!)



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