I’ve Been “Grounded”

There were only a couple of times growing up where my parents “grounded” me from going out with friends as a punishment. I can’t even remember what for!

However, now in my mid-life, I am finding I am being grounded for something I didn’t do. We have a beautiful bog area in the next community over from ours. I haven’t been there a lot, but it is a very popular place.

Yesterday morning around 11 am, Burns Bog started on fire. I hadn’t heard the news when around 3 pm I went outside to take some recycling to the containers. Immediately I could feel my lungs and bronchial tube react to smoke. I feel it often way before I smell it. I was curious what it was because at this time of year no one has their fireplaces on. Hubby came back from doing some errands and saw me just as I was getting to the bins. He told me about the bog and everything makes sense.

Now I have not seen any actual smoke warnings. However, I usually know when and when not to venture out when there is too much smoke. So, I am grounding myself until the air feels clear by my lungs. Thank goodness for air-conditioning!

My prayers are with those fighting the fire, the businesses close by, and people with houses in the vicinity who will be getting much more smoke than us.




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