My Fur-Baby is Okay!


I just wanted to let all my caring readers know that Monkey’s  follow-up test for FIV (feline AIDS) was negative. So, the original test was a false positive. The second test, which has to be sent out to a lab, is fool-proof. This test was $115.00 but if it means my little one is okay, it is worth every penny. They think it was definitely an infection which lowered the white cell count but the medicine has been working.

So, after a week of being inside (and driving us all crazy) Monkey is finally out on another adventure! She has been getting increasingly better as the days go, with only 2 days left on her antibiotic. I stopped the appetite

As a result, Violet and I are relaxing in the backyard without feeling guilty leaving her inside. I hear her little bell every once in awhile so I know she is nearby and okay. When she gets hungry or needs to use her litterbox she will be home. Yes, she always comes home for that! Someone said she was going in their BBQ – I said I doubt it was our cat. Sure enough, it was the black feral  cat that DOESN’T have the hot pink collar and bell.

Okay, well the brat cat just came home so it is time for dinner.



9 Replies to “My Fur-Baby is Okay!”

  1. Hip-hip-horray!!!! I reblogged the post on teaching an outdoor cat to be an indoor one with y’all in mind. I always figure that if I can think of one follower who might benefit by the information, there are probably more I don’t know about.
    So GLAD to know she’ll be okay.

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      1. It is difficult to help with anything other than advice and prayer over the internet, but if we all do what we can, it should make things better.


    1. Thanks, Ann. We started her on a leash when she was a kitten and she does get her outdoor shots. The reason there was a chance this was serious is because the kittens were dropped off at the vet office at 6 weeks and in terrible shape – nothing about the mother or where they were was known. Also, Monkey did get out during her first year with us when she just had indoor shots. Cats aren’t supposed to be out here but no one else listens to that so we got the shots and let her out. She is back out now, just sitting on the fence as she loves to do.


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