Change of Plans

When you have chronic illness and a low immune system you always have to be prepared to not be able to follow through with plans no matter how well you tried to account for every situation.

I was all set to start my new exercise and healthy diet lifestyle today. I had meals planned out, healthy snacks ready and even figured out what exercises I was going to start out with (from the chronic pain clinic I went to a few years ago).

Last night I had to make a decision to hold it off for a week and start next Monday. While I am frustrated and saddened by this, I know it is what I have to do.

I have been coughing non-stop, running a low-grade fever, having tightness and pain around my right lung (it was collapsed 20 years ago in an accident which resulted in pneumonia), and just feeling generally crappy.

I know that exercise can be good when you have a cold; however, I also know that I can tire myself out and not leave any energy for healing from whatever I have (thinking bronchitis or pneumonia from how I feel). As for eating, it is more because I am not feeling like having much besides fluids and I need more if I am trying to lose weight and gain muscle.

A few years ago I would have said that I am just making excuses not to do it. However, since I shared with all of you that I want to tackle this now, I have really gotten excited to start. Oh well, I weighed myself yesterday and found out I am four pounds lighter than I thought so that’s a good start!

Stay tuned, as of next Monday I will be checking in and on my way! Just thinking about it makes me feel better already! 😀



9 Replies to “Change of Plans”

  1. I have the same problems with my MS. I find a good warm shower helps with the congestion, the doc should give you an antibiotic. I was told to avoid cold drinks. I use an ice pack under the arm or near the neck so I can sleep without sweating all night. Ibruphrophen can cause me real problems because of the MS meds. Exercise like walking might be okay unless it continues the coughing. Then just rest until you feel better. You can still eat well. As long as you have a fever, don’t worry about gaining weight, fever will burn calories off by itself. Find a good book, I recommend the Golem and the Jinni, best read I’ve had in ten years.

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    1. Thank you Ann, I was out for a bit this morning as I had an eye appointment. I have been basically resting ever since but will be doing some walking later as my husband and I have to go to Costco. Oh yes, I am eating healthy – well, I am eating what appeals to me which is mostly sandwiches, soup, salads, lots of fluids, etc. I also can not have cold drinks (because of a liver/kidney problem caused by medications and a botched gallbladder surgery). In fact, I have to have most things at least at room temp or warmer. I get my salad makings out and ready, just leaving them out for a little bit and then toss with dressing that has also been out for a bit. Works well. It is funny/ironic – I was tested for MS a few years ago but the more I talk to people about it, the more it fits my symptoms. I have a dear friend with it and she swears I have it as well. I hope not and I wish you well. Thanks so much for caring to reply! 🙂


  2. Hang in there – I hope gets better. I completely switched diets (to vegan) and exercise habits (total couch potato to an hour of exercise a day) 10 years ago. The first 3 weeks were horrific – I felt fuzzy and nauseous and just generally out of it. But, since then, I lost 40 pounds, and got rid of my lifelong insomnia and struggle with migraine and tension headaches. It’s worth the effort and you can do it!

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    1. Thanks! It is easier as I go. This post was about making the decision to hold off because the time wasn’t right. I did and things have been going very well. I have my ups and downs, but on the whole am feeling better in some ways. The pain will always be there, but as my weight and bloat go down, I can move easier which in turn helps me feel better and a healthy cycle begins!


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