The Road to Vibrant – Day 1

RoadI mentioned in January that the word I picked for myself in 2016 was “Vibrant”.  I have to say that during the first have I haven’t always felt very vibrant. So, when trying to pick a name for the journey I am about to go on, it was the perfect choice.

That journey, of course is my fitness and weight loss plan to help me shed pounds and hopefully gain some health in a body that is wracked with non-health through and through. I said I was giving myself a week before starting because I am fighting some sort of bug or infection.

Well, let’s face it – if I waited every time I got sick, I would be waiting until the cows come home. And last time I looked, we didn’t have any cows!

I am not officially restricting what I eat or sticking to an exercise plan until Monday. However, there are many other things to do to prepare for that.

  1. I need to start getting into a better routine by planning out my days. I need to set boundaries like I work (write, read blogs, etc.) from let’s say 10 am – noon and 7 – 9 pm, set meal and snack times, and put chores, rest and nap times in there as well.
  2. I should really try to alter my sleep patterns so I am not up half the night playing computer games because my body pain and spasms will not settle down. Will setting better meal/snack times help? How about doing taking medicine earlier, having a soothing cup of tea or some mild stretching?
  3. Kay suggested awhile ago that we do up a spreadsheet to keep each other accountable as we are both supposed to watch what we eat for health reasons and we both want to get into shape. I think it is time to put that into practice!
  4. I would also like to do some concrete goal-setting as I did in the chronic pain clinic I attended a few years ago. It really did help but I think I have become lazy in that area lately.
  5. If I am going to succeed at any regiment I have to get into that mindset 100%. I have mentioned that “dieting” turned into a force of will (mine) because I would eat healthy in public and binge on junk in private, setting myself up for failure every time. The same goes for fitness. At my age and health, this is my last chance to beat these demons and I want to with all my heart.

One way to handle #5 is to be open an honest about my doubts, successes, and failures. I have people in my life like Kay, Dee, Coach, and of course my loving hubby (who loves me as I am but would like to see me healthier) and I will lean on them. I have God who I know loves me and will guide me through.

And, my dear readers, I know now that I have you as well. I can’t thank enough those of you who have left uplifting comments and encouragement to document my journey here. Also, those who have sent me private emails telling me of your stories going through the same or similar journey. I have decided to write about my progress under the title “The Road to Vibrant”. I don’t intend to write novels every day; however, I think noting my highs and lows and being an open book might help keep me out of those dark times of the past.

I hope you will follow me down this path. It isn’t so much about losing weight and getting fit as it is finding the true, vibrant me.



16 Replies to “The Road to Vibrant – Day 1”

  1. You might want to schedule in selfcare/downtime. Like, an hour to play games, or time to just read a book or do nothing. I’m thinking that if you create enough times that will fuel your soul then you will be strengthened from within to sustain your plans. Way to go

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    1. Thanks, Wendy. I did realize that I did not say anything about relaxing time. And it is so very important. That will definitely become part of the plan as will worship time!


      1. You are most definitely a friend. And if you read the comments I am not the only one signing your praises. Jenny things you are pretty awesome as well and I know there are so many others.

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