Kudos – Dream Big, Dream Often

DreamBigLogo200You may notice a bright coloured third button in my sidebar (and the picture to the left). It is an avatar for one of my favourite blogs run by someone that if you don’t know him already, you should definitely do so. Of course, I am talking about Danny Ray at Dream Big, Dream Often.

Three months ago I became a partner with Danny. He promotes his partners in many wonderful ways and the cost is minimal compared to the benefits. I think the best thing about this business relationship, however, is that it does not feel like it is one!

You see, Danny cares about all of his followers, whether you are his client or not. He has been hosting meet and greets for as long as I have known him (probably longer!) and features bloggers from time to time.

Danny also has his own story that is very interesting and compelling. He has struggles just like you and me but like his blog title states, it doesn’t stop him from dreaming. He inspires me whenever I get a little down about my situation just by being who he is.

So, I highly recommend checking out Danny’s site if you aren’t already an avid follower. And if you are thinking of partnering with a blog promoter, he is your man.

(Oh, and he has no idea I am writing this so it is not a solicited ad, just a shout out to a friend!)  😉



4 Replies to “Kudos – Dream Big, Dream Often”

    1. I think you are looking at the top one – the one I am referring to is the third button – Dream Big. But yes, the chronic illness bloggers Network is a great group tha I am proud to be a part of.


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