What the World Needs Now

The song goes “What the world needs now, is love sweet love. No not just for some, but for everyone.” I read two articles this morning that go a long way to make this happen.

Our city holds the Ladies’ World Softball Tournament every year at the Softball City venue. This year Kenya made their debut and their first game, against the team from New Zealand, ended up in a 28-0 loss.

One of the factors in this score was that they were in flat sneakers while their opponents all had cleats. The New Zealand team took this situation to heart and provided cleats to everyone on the Kenyan team. The young women were ecstatic.

The Kenyans went on to lose their next game as well; however, it was no shutout – they scored their first three runs. No one could have celebrated a loss quite like this. They were cheering and hugging each other.

Good job, New Zealand.

I then saw an article entitled “Woman Shocks Police Officer with Stunning Request.”

A black woman in Arkansas was working out at the gym when she says she got a message from God to go talk to a police officer and spread love. She did not want to do this in light of recent events.

However, when she got to the grocery store there just happened to be a police officer sitting in his vehicle. She did what she felt God was compelling her to do and went up to the officer. They talked for 30 minutes about his job, its difficulties, his family, etc. She told him about her children and how they have come to fear the police. So, he went over, gave them badges, and talked with them.

Her message from God was that yes, black lives matter, all lives matter, but love triumphs over all.

Both of these stories helped to boost my faith in humanity, something that has been lacking in light of all that is going on in the world – even to my neighbourhood. There have been 39 shooting incidents in my city this year, with the latest one happening yesterday afternoon.

So, I am taking up the challenge to make sure love matters. I hope you will join me.



21 Replies to “What the World Needs Now”

  1. Lydia, thanks for sharing these stories. They are uplifting and show us what happens when we consider the points of view of others. The Kenyans were elated by any success in softball. The woman and police officer broke down barriers just by making a little effort. Keith

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  2. Thank you for this uplifting blog post, especially as news of hatred are often what we end up seeing whenever we read the news. It’s so wonderful that you’re sharing these stories of love and kindness and relationship-building with us during this time of sadness.

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  3. It was a women’s softball team not so long ago that carried an opposing player around the bases after she had hit a home run but tripped on first base and could’t run. She needed to touch all the bases to make the run count — and it won the game. But her opponent’s carried her. Women rule!

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