How My Cat is Helping Me Overcome My Fear

Along with my mental health issues, which include bipolar, clinical depression, anxiety, and panic attacks just to name a few, I have several phobias. One of the biggest (along with claustrophobia), is my total fear of rodents! In our old house, we were infested with rats and mice. They were everywhere! One night I was …


Reblog – Letting Fear Get In The Way of Living

This is a really good look at fears and relationships. I have several general fears and did exactly what this post talks about – I let my past affect my relationship with my now husband of 15 years! Obviously, I got through it! 🙂

Rosie Culture

I’m afraid of a lot of things. I’m afraid of sharks, I’ve devised a plan that if I ever came across one I would just let it eat me. I’m afraid of spiders, they make me actually scream like a little girl. I’m afraid of heights, more specifically I’m afraid of falling and dying.

But the chances of me coming across a shark are pretty rare. And my fear of spiders doesn’t keep me from going outside. I may hate heights, but I love the feeling of my stomach dropping when I fall.

You can’t let fear get in the way of living your life.

I think a lot of us have fears when it comes to relationships. Even when we’re over the past, we’re never really over it. We never forget the heart break or the awful feeling of breaking up with someone. We never forget the lows, we really…

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