A Good Day

We went to see our family doctor today. She is about an hour away across the river (everything is across the river for us or across the border!) so we usually wait until we both have to see her to make the trip worthwhile.

Hubby was getting his physical for his professional driver’s license and some general blood work.

I needed referrals for my hernia and throat issues (My voice is gravelly constantly, and I have trouble swallowing anything). At least both of the specialists are ones I have seen before and am comfortable with. She is also ordering a swallow test to rule out dysphasia. My father had this, and I know it is not hereditary, however, I had to deal with pureeing all his food and don’t want to go through that if I don’t have to.

The great thing is that my doctor sees night and day improvement in me since my last visit. She said the moment she walked in the room she could tell that I was stronger, more positive and confident. My doctor also remarked on the fact I have had fewer health concerns over the past while, and she knows I am in pain but am not anxious or depressed. We talked about my writing and how I am feeling like my own person for the first time in my life.

This means the world to me. I have been seeing her since I was in my twenties. In fact, I was one of her first patients when she set up practice. I think I was the third appointment on the first day! So she has been through all the good bad and ugly that have been my life.

After the appointment, we stopped at a local restaurant for dinner. We haven’t been out to eat for a long time, so it was nice.



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