Family is Everything

CrayonSweaterLast week I met my Grand-Nephew for the very first time. He is one and a half years old and cute as a button. He reminds me of his Daddy and Uncle when they were little – white blonde hair, big eyes, and the cutest grin!

I fell in love with this little guy and was over the moon when he kept coming over and wanted to sit with me, show me things, give me a high-five! I don’t have much family so to meet this latest member filled my heart with so much love and joy.

That depression I was mentioning? It melted away the minute I laid eyes on both of these guys. I haven’t seen my nephew in at least 20 years. He moved away and we have kept in touch via FaceBook, but that was about it until he, his new wife (who I have yet to meet) and little one moved out west last year. With my health and their busy schedules, this is the first time we have been able to get together.

There is another layer to this meeting as well. I mentioned to them that I had a gift for the little guy. In reality, it is as much for his Dad as for him.

When we were emptying my Dad’s condo to sell it after he moved in with Hubby and me, I found a container that held a bunch of hand knit items. My Mom was a big knitter but neither my Sister, my Dad nor I recognized any of the items in the box. I took them but had no clue what to do with them. One item was a little boy’s sweater, white with coloured “crayons” on the front. It would probably fit a 2 – 3-year-old.

When I found out that my nephew and his wife were expecting a boy, I knew exactly what to do. However, it has taken this long to play this through. Today, I presented the sweater with a note that said, “Made for you by your Great-Grandmother, with love from Auntie Lydia.” I could see my Nephew’s expression as he read the note. He pulled out the sweater and I explained the story. He was as touched by it as I was being able to give it to him. The boys loved Grandma. He remembered some of the things she made them and we laughed at the memories!




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    1. Awe, thanks, my dear friend. My Mother had a great talent and an even greater heart. I am sure she is looking down and smiling on her great-grandson knowing she is part of his life!


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