Blogs, Clogs and a Service Dog!

I recently had a long overdue visit with one of my dearest friends, whom I like to call “Coach”. She is a genuine and fun woman who like me has gone through a lot in her life and is using her experiences to help others. This lady tells it like it is and that’s why I love her!

The first order of “business” was a pair of blue leather clogs that I had bought online; however, they don’t give and were tight with my inflamed and fluid filled feet. When my feet are normal size (which is basically never) they fit fine. I bought another pair, this time, raspberry which is more me anyway, and they fit great. They are my main footwear all year round.

I kept the blue ones hoping they would fit some day (“Fairy tales do come true, it can happen to you…”1). However, it has been over a year and no such luck. So, I was hoping beyond hope that they would fit Coach as I really wanted to give them to her. Unfortunately, they were too big. I had another friend try them and again too big. Is this going to turn into another Cinderella’s glass slipper? I think not. I have one more person in mind and after that, I will be putting them up for sale.

After that (which took all of two minutes, a fraction of the time for me to write it and you to read it), we talked about everything under the sun from her move to the changes I mentioned the other day in my Evolution post.

This lady “gets” me. She has never suffered from chronic pain or illness; however, she has dealt with challenges her kids have faced and is naturally empathetic to you whether you are a client, a friend or a person exchanging a smile as you walk by. This visit wasn’t a session, just friends getting together; however, I always feel uplifted whenever we meet or talk.

We also share a strong faith in the Lord and that bond just makes everything else so much easier and better.

My friend has four amazing kids (well actually they are full grown adults but I have watched them evolve from kids). As I mentioned, they have had their challenges but that just adds to their uniqueness and charm. They are each a testament to the love of a mother who did the best that she could to love and look out for them through tough times.

Another topic of discussion was my helping Coach to set up her own blog site. I am so excited to do this and hope that it will lead to many other hosted sites since I acquired the shared server from my failed partnership a few months ago. My aim is to bring on others who are suffering from, advocating for or otherwise dealing with Invisible/Chronic Illness. My background in web-hosting/design/development will, I hope, help me help others. If you are interested or have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

While coach and I were talking, Monkey the brat cat was meandering in and out through the pet door in our sliding screen for various reasons including getting a scratch, eating, using her box or grabbing a drink. Violet the wonder dog was at her usual place at my feet, once in awhile shifting position to let me know she was there.

At one point I started to cry. I think it was to do with being frustrated that my health still limits my enjoyment of life, even though it has gotten so much better. Violet immediately sat up, put her head on my knee and looked up at me with her big dark eyes. I gave her a cuddle as I always do and got my nose kiss in return. Coach was very taken by this exchange of affection between dog and human. It is one I guess I have taken for granted for a long time because Violet and I have always comforted each other. Later, I gave her a “cookie” for being so good and told Coach to watch. I held the heart-shaped treat out and Violet would not take her eyes off it but did not move until I said “Okay”, at which point she gently removed it from my grip and gobbled it down.

Coach marveled at the bond once again. It wasn’t until then I realized that in many ways Violet is my own personal service dog. She senses when I am down or even if I am not feeling well. We get frustrated at how she nags to be fed right on time, get her evening chew stick and when Hubby is even five minutes late on taking her for a walk. I once took her out for an extra walk on the grassy area behind our fence. After that, she started whining around 4 pm every afternoon and I realized she wanted her walk. Well, guess what? I am losing weight and getting more mobile; plus the 5-minute walk has turned into 15 to 20! She knows she can’t go too fast for me and is actually slowing down herself.

I digress from my time with Coach, but not really. She showed me traits in myself, in my animals and relationships with others that I hadn’t been able to figure out on my own. I hope she got something out of our time as well…especially since she didn’t get the shoes!


1 Young At Heart, music by Johnny Richards and lyrics by Carolyn Leigh (Wikipedia)

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