My Journey To Vibrant – Day 25

Wow, it has been awhile since my last report. Lots of things taking my time up, most of them good.

Last week I went up a bit on my weight, which I half expected as I hadn’t been eating a lot before and then my appetite picked up but my energy levels didn’t. However, when I weighed myself on Tuesday of this week I was at 232.6, just three pounds over my lowest 10 days ago.

I am happy to say that I have made my walks with Violet a daily thing. Actually, I should give all the credit to her – do something once and for her it is a habit and she is the best accountability partner. She knows when it is 4:00 walk time and will not let you forget it!

The funny thing is monkey will ramble along behind us. When we were just going on the grass behind our fence, I could see it because this is Monkey’s playground. However, once Violet and I started going further, around the block, I started hearing meows behind me. No, that couldn’t be Monkey. Sure enough, she was there behind us. People think it is hilarious to see a dog on a leash and a cat following along! This helps me as well because it makes it fun and a family affair. I am thinking since I am getting comfortable walking Violet on my own, I may be able to go when Hubby walks her…if I get meal prep ready ahead of time.

Even though I am still feeling a degree of kidney pain, I have started a regime of eight glasses of lemon water a day. I have also gotten off the codeine and gone back to my regular doses of Tylenol Arthritis which seems to be keeping the abdominal pain in check as well. When I am at manageable levels, whether acute or chronic, I can become more mobile which in turn helps me manage the levels further. This is where I am right now.

I was on my feet Tuesday making mac and cheese for our church youth and was tired at the end of the day but not like I can be just doing a load of laundry on a tough day. I even made 3 trips to the recycling bins that day and felt great.

My throat is bothering me again. This morning I had a pill lodge and I could not even cough it out. After feeding the animals I went back to bed and I guess sleeping relaxed my throat because I was able to dislodge and swallow it shortly after waking up.

Tuesday night I made a big decision that affects not only my life but that of a dear friend; however, I have to do what is best for me. I felt strong in my choice and yesterday I was very much at peace…I still am. However, between that and a few other happenings I got a little rebellious. I have mentioned my problems with sugar and caffeine, and chocolate and how I am trying to stay away from them all of them. I had an errand to run and ended up giving in and having a large Tim’s Mocha Iced Capp – all three in one frosty cup! Well, I ended up not getting to sleep until 7 this morning so I think that is one experience I will try not to relive! LOL

Whether it was the caffeine high or just my new found energy, I was able to tackle a lot of work in the kitchen last night, as there was still a lot of clean-up from the mac and cheese. Today, I have been vacuuming up around the pets’ feeding areas as there is a rodent problem in our complex – both our upstairs neighbours and we have spotted them inside and out. No one likes house cleaning but when I can do it I actually feel good because I have accomplished something I normally have trouble with.

So, I guess I could say that if there has been any improvement during this past week it is that I have just a little bit more energy and less fatigue. I still nap, but I actually feel good when I wake up!

So, that’s what has been happening on my journey to a new vibrant me! Stay tuned, I can’t wait to see what the new week brings.




11 Replies to “My Journey To Vibrant – Day 25”

    1. That is what is making this try so much better than ever before – it seems like only five steps forward and a half a step back! And I am putting less pressure on myself so any misstep is not as bad.

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      1. We own a townhouse in a complex that has several treed areas and all the streets are very slow because they are private and children are playing all over. We didn’t want Monkey (the cat) to go out but our house sitter let her out when we were on holiday and so now it is hard to keep her in. But she is very good about staying in the treed area beside us or the grass area behind us.

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