Reblog – Age Is Just A Number

I have been dreading getting old lately – this post has me rethinking it in a positive way! I can’t drink fine wine (or any other kind) so I might as well be it!

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YouthMinistry “It takes a long time to become young.” ~Pablo Picasso

th-27I’m going to put it out there and say it, “Aging scares the $#%T out of me!” I am vain, there, I said that too! I have blonde hair, blue eyes and a pretty darn good complexion. But, I am getting on into my upper 30’s and… Well, I just don’t want to get old! When I turned 30, I pretty much thought life was over and now 40 is on the horizon. Go ahead and laugh, my husband does. He also says, “Well, there’s always the other option…if you aren’t getting older then you’re dead.” This stated in a sarcastic, straight faced tone. Ugh, men! My husband is six years older than me. So, yes, he is in his 40’s. And I have figured out, men just do NOT get it- the fear women have of aging. Perhaps…

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