Review – Organic Aromas Diffuser

“I have been given this product as part of a product review through the Chronic Illness Bloggers Network. Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company. ”


When I was first contacted about the Organic Aromas diffuser, I was excited. I have a water-based diffuser but have not been too happy with it. I suffer from asthma and I find the moisture it produces not conducive to that.

The Organic Aromas diffuser uses forced air with no water or heat. It is quiet and uses very little electricity. In fact, the Organic Aromas diffuser is so energy conscious it works on a “two minutes on, one minute off” cycle and does an automatic shut-off after two hours. The diffuser does not have to be pointed at you to get its full effect. With the on switch turned to high, it will fill a large room with its aromatic goodness.

I have a regular nebulizer for my asthma medications. It works on the same principal as the Organic Aromas diffuser; however, you put the medicine in the base of a mask that goes over your mouth and nose. My severe claustrophobia is triggered and the machine is so noisy it startles our cat! I really don’t like the medicines I have to use with it. I find that essential oils work much better and are natural.

I couldn’t believe that my diffuser came within a day of ordering it. It was very well packed in its own box, inside the courier box. This fragile thing of beauty was totally safe and sound. And it really is a thing of beauty. The base is solid wood with a hand-blown glass reservoir. It is so much smaller than my previous diffuser and many times more powerful!

Another challenge for me with essential oils is that I am allergic to anything floral and many other scents as well. The organic pure oils don’t seem to effect those allergies and I think the fact that the diffuser works with air rather than heat or water makes it lighter and safer for me.

The oil I received was the company’s signature blend. The website states “The Organic Aromas Signature Blend is a fantastic combination of five unique and diverse pure essential oils that form to create a scent unlike anything you have every experienced.” I totally agree with this description. The blend is clearing my mind right now while I am writing this review!

I have also tried some of my previous oils for headaches, allergies and stress. They have all worked well; however, I look forward to trying more from the Organic Aromas selection.

If I was to come up with any negatives I would have to say that the glass reservoir looks very fragile. However, the wooden base has a completely slip-proof bottom. I placed it on an uneven join on my desk and could not budge it in any direction. The reservoir is also very secure in the base with more of the slip-proof material. But honestly, that is the only thing I could possibly say against this product.

One more feature that adds to the beauty and ambiance of the Organic Aromas diffuser is
an LED light in the base of the reservoir. The light cycles through red, green, and blue to give a beautiful rainbow effect. When the room is dark the light and aroma from the CarvedDiffuserdiffuser combine for a totally relaxing experience.

The diffusers come in many styles and dark or light wood. They also have a line with carved bases (see right). The reservoirs come in different shapes as well and you may purchase replacement parts from the website.

I am in love with my Organic Aromas diffuser and will be using it on a regular basis! The prices are reasonable as well, considering the quality of both the diffuser and the oils. The tagline for Organic Aromas is “pure and simple” and it is perfect. The oils are pure and the diffuser is simple in design and function.



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