My Journey To Vibrant – Day 37

So, the last couple of weeks have been a roller-coaster of pain, stress, and triumphs.

If you have tuned into my last couple of posts you will know that I was experiencing kidney and leg pain, both on my right side. After a long time of enduring both, I finally broke down and agreed to go to the hospital. The post “I’m Mad As Hell…” explains what happened there in case you missed it. “One Trick Pony” talks about how I can only plan for one event at a time, even without extra pain.

Since Hubby took his birthday off without pay just to sit in the ER with me the whole time, I took him out for dinner and we allowed ourselves to eat whatever we felt like – which included gluten and ice cream! I ended up being very nauseous from Saturday to Monday and had migraines from chocolate and too much sugar. The other bad side-effect to eating wrong foods is that I crave even more – that came into play today.

This morning I was very nauseated and tired with both leg and flank pain remaining unmanageable without narcotics (which cause other problems). Hubby was going to go to pick up his special bread this morning and I apologized that I couldn’t go with. It turned out that they were out of it and we had to order for tomorrow instead. So, Hubby went to get some bloodwork instead and went to the grocery store for me.

Then, this afternoon I gave into temptation and hopped into the van and drove to Dairy Queen to get a Kit-Kat Blizzard. It is a short drive, but having taken 3 codeine pills in less than 24 hours of the trip is something I wouldn’t normally do. It also occurred to me on the way back that I wasn’t able to support Hubby while he was out but could go get junk food. I had totally intended to confess to him (something I promised on one of our recent discussions about spending and eating habits).

Hubby came home on a quick break while I was eating the blizzard and I let him see it. When he called on his next break I talked about it and he said what he was most upset about was that I couldn’t go with him (not even driving) but I could do this. I apologized, asked for forgiveness (which he freely gave) and promised that I would not do anything like this again. I chose my words carefully because I find if I do promise (either verbally or in writing) to him, I have to keep my word and I do.

Despite all of this eating, I only gained 0.6 pounds in the last week! I love these digital scales and their fractions of pounds. At least it is nice for gaining. When I lose, I would rather it rounded to the next higher pound! LOL.

Violet and I are getting our short walks in every afternoon, even if I am not feeling the greatest I try to take her out for at least part of it. It is good for me and she tends to be less whiny if she gets out even for a few minutes. I can’t do the same walk as she gets daily with Hubby, but I think it still helps us both. Monkey comes along too, which gives a chuckle to the construction workers in the building behind us.

So, while physically not much is changing, I do believe that mentally and emotionally I am noticing a lot of improvements. It isn’t the setbacks that I need to dwell on, but the more positive way I seem to be handling them.

So, that’s it for another week!



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  1. I know what you mean about the digital scales with fractions of a pound! I use an app called Weight Tracker, which I love. I set my goal weight and date (I do short term goals – easier on my sanity!), then it shows my progress on a line graph. The visual really helps me. It also has a diary and lots of other features. You can save your information to the cloud, but I figure that’s no one’s business but my own, so I just save it to my tablet.

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