Reblog of a Guest Post: Love in a Bipolar World by Rebecca

This is a great read. Rebecca tells it like it is for a person with bipolar to find true happiness and the love of their life! Please give it a read.

This is a guest post by Rebecca Lombardo for “It’s Not Your Journey” featured on “The Bipolar Bandit’s” blog.


Bipolar Bandit (Michelle Clark)

delauthorWhen you find that special person that you know you want to spend the rest of your life with, you have to consider a lot of factors.  If you are bipolar, the list of considerations changes quite a bit.  Should you tell that person up front?  Will it scare them away?  What if you don’t tell them, and you experience depression, anxiety, even mania?

I know in my situation, I met a couple of guys before I met my husband, and I was always brutally honest.  I never kept my condition from anyone.  I was sure to make it clear that there was nothing easy about my situation, and there would be ups and downs.  If the discussion ever warranted, I also made sure that they knew that kids were not in my future.

Some seemed to think they could handle it, but truthfully couldn’t.  The first time my depression…

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