Beauty Is In The Eye…


I saw this video on my FaceBook feed this morning, and it touched me deep inside.

All my life I have been painfully aware of my looks. I am too heavy, my bust is too big, my hair is too long/short, I don’t feel beautiful, and on and on. I know a lot of it came from being bullied; however, I was the one who kept it going inside my head.

I am coming out of it now as I find it easier to love myself for who I am and not try to be something different for every person in my life. Just the other day I had this awesome thought that “Hey if my Hubby and others think I am beautiful just the way I am, why do I keep beating myself up about it.” On the days I am feeling better physically, I look better and on the days I am not, I don’t. It is who I am and if others can accept it, so can I.

So, how does this relate to a video of a woman giving others permission to cut and shave her hair off in the middle of Times Square? At first, the people around can’t believe their eyes. Why would she let complete strangers touch her hair? The women are the most horrified by it.

Finally, the first person comes up and cuts off a good chunk and the young woman thanks them. She is blindfolded so she can’t see who is doing what. Finally, as more people come up and take their turn, other young women are thanking her for being brave and for giving this message. They are calling her beautiful for what she is doing… regardless of whether she has hair or not.

I suffer from chronic mental and physical illnesses. Whether I am in a major pain flare or a deep depression and walk around all day in PJ’s, or my pain and moods are at manageable levels, I am beautiful.

I am beautiful because I choose to face each day head on.

I am beautiful because I dress in whatever makes me feel the best at any given time.

I am beautiful because I have accepted my situation.

I am beautiful because God made me

I am beautiful.




22 Replies to “Beauty Is In The Eye…”

  1. You ARE beautiful… But I totally understand the first part of your post… I have feared other’s thoughts about my looks soooo much as a young girl, and a young woman, that I came to hate myself.

    The last few years, I have worked on beleiving that I had flaws, of course, but a lot of nice things about me. Long and difficult process, but as I said in my last post, today was a turning point, going sight seing wearing a midthigh little black dress I NEVER would have worn in public before…

    And you know what? At one point, I caught my image in a window, and I thought, “you’re really not that bad, gal” 🙂

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    1. I am glad you brought that up because I was going to comment about the fact you wore the dress even though you don’t normally! That is great! I wore a dress I bought about 2 years ago it is blue with pink flamingos on it and a very different neckline that can show a lot of cleavage. I just put a nice camisole under it and went out for lunch with my in-laws. I got a few very nice compliments and it helped hide the fact I had a horrid migraine!

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  2. What a great video! Thank you for sharing it, and your story as well. It’s funny, I always wished I was pretty. Now, when I see pictures of myself when I was young, I realize I was pretty, but I never saw it. Sometimes, now, when I look in a mirror I look hideous! Then other days I look gorgeous! Most days I just look like ordinary me, and I’m fine with that.

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    1. My insecurities came from being bullied as a child and right through my teens. I also had a rough time at home and never felt I fit in anywhere. Then I was diagnosed with depression and bipolar and that also contributed to my self-image. But I have risen above it all now.


  3. Beauty is what is the inner core made of. The outer layers will chip off, get old and still be beautiful if the inner shines with a positive light. You are beautiful and stay that way. Accept yourself as you are and keep saying those affirmations.
    Take care.

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