Tuesday the 13th

thirteenWarning: This is a very long post – even for me!

I am definitely not superstitious. I have never bought into the Friday the 13th stuff. In fact, I often have my BEST days then without even realizing that the day and the date connect in that way.

Well, until today at least. (It is still Tuesday, September 13th in my time zone).

I have to start with a bit of background from yesterday. Hubby ended up having to stay home from work as his back was bad. Since his job involves both driving and helping clients with stairs or loading their wheelchairs and scooters, he needs his back to be in good shape. So, he decided to take the day off to rest up for the remainder of the week.

After he took Violet for a short walk he was sick and realized he had a bit of the flu.

Other than having not slept more than three or four (broken) hours, and still nursing a bit of a headache, I was feeling pretty good. That is until after I confirmed that I would be at a 9 am Tuesday dentist appointment. About two hours later I was getting sick and having to call off the appointment. I am just not having any luck getting my teeth fixed.

Back to this morning.

It turns out it was very good that I canceled that appointment. I didn’t start getting to sleep until well after 4 am and even then it was very restless. I got my best sleep between 8 and 10 am. I was still feeling pretty rotten, not able to eat much and very achy all over. Hubby fed the pets for me and said he was feeling better so decided he would go into work.

We eat our main meal at 1 pm as Hubby goes to work at 2 pm, plus I make his sandwiches, etc. I was really feeling like I was working in slow motion, getting nowhere fast. Finally, he took off and I was going to have a nap.

Then I remembered that we were out of Violet’s wet dog food which I use to hide her pills in on top of the dry food. I could have just wrapped them in some meat or other treats; however, I would still need to get it tomorrow and I would have Monkey with me as she has a vet appointment.

So, I drank a Coke Zero to make sure I was alert (with the risk of turning the headache back into a migraine with the caffeine). I really did not want to go but decided to just do it. I got into the van and made the 10-minute drive to the pet store.

Oh yes, more back information – my bank card had stopped working so I was waiting for the new one. It finally arrived yesterday and I called in to validate it. I asked if my pin was okay and was told “yes”.

Okay, back to the pet store. I got my four tins of dog food and six of cat food and went to pay. I stuck my new card in the machine, entered my pin.

Guess what?

It was invalid. Thinking I entered my other one, I tried again. No luck and it said I only had one try left. I apologized, left, and sat in the van for 20 minutes trying to get the bank to tell me what was wrong.

During this time I put the keys in the ignition so I could put the windows down and get a breeze going. The bank rep told me I had to go to the bank to reset the pin within two hours but assured me the temporary one he gave me would work in the store.

Guess what?

They had to void the transaction a second time but still left it in the bag as I was going to drive to the bank and back again.

I went to the van and realized I left the keys in the ignition but I had only been a couple of minutes and I hadn’t locked the door. I tried to start the van and the horn honked twice and then nothing happened, other than the doors locking. I couldn’t start it no matter what.

I went to the store one more time and told them what happened. I said I may not be back before they closed but would be Wednesday. They said they would make sure it didn’t get towed (hey, with the way the day was going it could happen).

I had to walk about 5 blocks to the bank to change the card pin. I took some money out to make sure it worked. The walk was already starting to hurt my legs and I would have to walk back to the van or even home (about another seven or eight blocks from where I was) so I decided to be bad and go get some fast food and ice cream. I know, I have been doing really well but I was feeling rotten and didn’t care.

In the meantime, Hubby’s back was getting worse so he had to book off. When he got my barrage of messages, he called and said to stay at the DQ and he would pick me up. Of course, he had to have junk food and ice cream too! 😉

We got to the van and thankfully the store was still open so I was able to get the food…that was still in a bag on the counter and just had to be rung in for the third time.

Guess what?

The card worked! (I had you going there for a second didn’t I?)

I came back out and Hubby had charged my battery so I was able to drive the van home.

When we got home, Monkey was sitting on the fence waiting for us. I suddenly remembered I had left the back door open but she will take any opportunity to sit on her perch and watch the world go by.

By the way, Monkey is a black cat…not that I am superstitious, right?

The rest of the evening has gone pretty well. It was nice to have Hubby home for yet another evening. We watched the America’s Got Talent finals while we both rested our aching bodies.

I will be glad when the clock strikes 12 and Tuesday the 13th is over!



4 Replies to “Tuesday the 13th”

  1. Whew! What a day! I’m glad I saw your Silver Lining post before I saw this one. Like my [surrogate] granddaughter reading the last chapter of a book first, to make sure it has a happy ending. LOL

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