America’s Got Grace!

I was never a huge fan of “America’s Got Talent” until last year. I didn’t think I would watch much of it this year because Simon Cowell was back but thought I would give it a try.

Simon has mellowed and was very moved by the talent that crossed the stage this season. Frankly, so was I. This Tuesday and Wednesday saw the final performances and results, ending with the announcement of the winner.

The top ten were all capable of taking home the grand prize of $1 million and three nights headlining at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. And they sure gave it their all Tuesday night for the final performances. There were four singers, one quartet, a juggler, a 14-year-old contortionist, a magician, a psychic couple and the craziest mime I’ve ever seen.

They narrowed the field down to five, counted them down to the top two and announced the winner. It all came down to “The Clairvoyants” and Grace VanderWaal.

And the winner is … Grace VanderWaal!

Grace impressed me from the start. She is a 12-year-old ukelele-playing singer/songwriter. The song she sang in her original audition, “I Don’t Know My Name” prompted a standing ovation and Howie Mandell to press the golden buzzer, sending Grace from the auditions to the live performances. The song has gone viral, both with her versions and many covers!

When Grace stepped out on that stage the first time she was a very shy little girl. When asked what her friends thought of her singing, she said, “they don’t know” (well, they do now). When Simon asked her if she thought she could win, her now famous response was “Miracles can happen.” Well then on Wednesday night we witnessed a miracle.

When she won, her response to “what will you do with the money was “I want to call up Tree-House Masters to get them to build me a huge tree-house with zip-lines and everything.” I read online later that she also wants to give some to charity. By the way, Tree-House Masters have contacted her and it is a go!

Grace will be headlining in Vegas with two other acts from this season, The Clairvoyants, and Tape Face (the mime).

Why did Grace VanderWaal win over all the other acts? There was no danger, no magic, no dramatics. I really believe this young lady can change the world. She reminds us what it is to like to see the world through a child’s eyes. And yet her grasp of writing music and singing are that of someone way older that 12. All of her original songs were special.

The song, “I Don’t Know My Name” really hit home for me. If you read my first post, I mention that Lydia is not the name I was born with, but I knew a couple of years ago that it IS the name I am to have. And I while I have come far on my journey, I am still trying to find my way.

Not only did Howie award her with a golden buzzer, but Simon Cowell said she could be the next Taylor Swift! Then, on the finale (before she was announced the winner), Stevie Nicks said that Grace was quirky like herself and no matter what happened, she had made it and would go far! Pretty good for a pre-teen!

Thanks, Grace, for being you.



I Don’t Know My Name
(Words & Music by Grace VanderWaal)

I don’t know my name
I don’t play by the rules
of the game
So you said I’m just trying
Just trying

So I heard you are my sister’s friend
You get along quite nicely
You ask me why I cut my hair
And change myself completely

I don’t know my name
I don’t play by the rules of the game
So you say I’m just trying
Just trying

I went from bland and popular
To joining the marching band
I made the closest friends
I’ll ever have in my lifetime

I am lost
Trying to get found
In an ocean of people
Please don’t ask me any questions
There won’t be a valid answer
I’ll just say

I don’t know my name
I don’t play by the rules of game
So you say I’m just trying
Just trying

I now know my name
I don’t play by the rules of the game
So you say, I’m not trying
But I’m trying
To find my way

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11 Replies to “America’s Got Grace!”

  1. I have loved Grace VanderWaal since the first word I heard her sing! We stopped watching the show when they took Howard Stern on as a judge. This is our first year back. I’m glad Simon has mellowed some!

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    1. Yes, I think I fell for her when she walked out on stage in her yellow pants and huge grin for the audition! Yes, Simon did pretty well this year (except maybe with the barbs at Mel B which, hopefully, were in fun.

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  2. She was like a breath of fresh air….and talented….Simon has mellowed since his son was born…I enjoyed this seasons talent….don’t care for the female judges but I just try to ignore them…..hope your having a nice weekend…kat

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    1. She is a very special little girl that is for sure! And with Howie Mandel on her side she will do well. He may seem goofy and “out there” but he is a very kind and humble human being. I met him at a “Let’s Talk” even here in Canada last year for awareness and understanding of mental illness.

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      1. Howie is the best and my favorite judge on AGT… I hope that he continues to be on that show… I love what Grace is doing for 12 years old.. I honestly don’t know how she manages it all. I am sure that she loves doing what she does. Come by my page anytime.

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