Decisions, Decisions Part One

desisions1Decisions that affect your life can be difficult at the best of times; however, when you throw in a chronic illness of any kind, making them can take on a whole different meaning.

Decision No. One – Hubby and I have been going back and forth about selling our current townhouse and moving. Initially, we wanted a house for the following reasons:

  1. No neighbors above, below and/or beside you
  2. A bigger yard for Violet to run around in
  3. Monkey would be able to go outside without fear of being seen by the onsite managers and us potentially having to get her offsite.
  4. More room to store all of our “stuff”

The trade-offs for a house were the fact we would have to go further out to get something we liked and could afford, and we would have a lot of yard work to tend to.

The other problem with buying is that we have to sell our place first as it is a leasehold property and banks are not wanting to deal with these for bridge financing (us) or new mortgages (a potential buyer).

We found the townhouse of our dreams yesterday and went to an open house. We went in knowing that we couldn’t buy it without selling first (which could take four months); however, we wanted to see what they were like for when we are ready to buy.

So, last night we made the final decision that yes, we are going to put this place up for sale and keep an eye out for a place in the area we are hoping for. We will be half the distance to Hubby’s work and very close to his family, which is important to both of us and them.

Now I just have to tidy up and clean to be ready for pictures and potential buyers. Then the realtor will come over and we will list it.

There is no turning back and I am somewhat relieved. Thanks to my bipolar and OCD, I am not great with change and this has been looming over our heads for a couple of years. Time to rip off the bandage!

I have a lot going on right now with a couple of product reviews to finish, a guest post for another blog, a website I have been working on and my regular posts. On top of that, I have been dealing with continued insomnia, headaches/migraines, and fibromyalgia flares.

I decided today that I needed to completely gut my spice cupboard, glean out all the old items, clean all the shelves, pack items I will keep but don’t need for awhile, and put the rest back in the cupboard. within minutes the counter and table were piled high with bags, boxes and baskets and I was exhausted and overwhelmed. By this evening I at least had the counters cleaned off and several items back neatly in the cupboard.

Next project I take on I will try to remember the great process of pacing!

Check back for decision #2.




21 Replies to “Decisions, Decisions Part One”

  1. Praying for a smooth road ahead! If the road gets a little rocky, stop and look around for awhile. Rocky roads are where some of the best views can be found! Love you! ❤ (Hey, come check out your birthday party in "events" on Facebook!).

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  2. I really wish for you, that everything will be smooth with your selling and buying new house and then the move itself, which is a big job, I know, I have been moving around here in Spain so many times in my time here, and it is tough to get all ready for the move.
    Now, when you did take the decision, it might help you to pack at least one box a day, then you will not be so overcharged at the big day.

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    1. Thanks, Irene. Yes, you have had your share of moving! I actually had a lot of stuff packed up from the last time we thought we would move and I have started on packing other items up so the place looks better for showing, so yes, I am getting a good start on it!

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  3. Sounds like you’ve given this a lot of thought, and now is the right time. Moving is stressful, but once you’re settled in, it’ll be great. With moving…. just take it one step at a time. That’s great you already have some things packed up, so you have a good head start! Best of luck 🙂

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