Decisions, Decisions Part Two

desisions1I decided to break this up because the decisions I have made are so very different that they need their own space.

The second decision was a difficult one because if we are moving, we need to save money; however, I believe with my conditions I need to treat myself sometimes.

The 40th reunion of the class I would have graduated with is happening in early October – actually four days after my birthday. Hubby said he would pay for the tickets and it could be my birthday celebration.

I said this was the class I WOULD have graduated with not because I didn’t graduate, but because I went back to my father’s high school in Saskatchewan for grade 12. It was a boarding school and the hope was that I would be able to work out some of my difficulties. My parents had been fighting a lot during my teen years and I had problems fitting in at school, even though I had a lot of friends.

Of course, we found out later that around the time I switched schools (I wasn’t quite 17 yet) is when the bipolar started to kick in. So just a change of environment, especially one where I didn’t know anyone except a few cousins I hadn’t seen in years, was not the answer. But it was a learning experience and we all need those. Would things have been better if I had stayed? I doubt it really.

Anyway, back to the reunion. My dearest friend, whom I have known since grade eight is one of the organizers. She really wants to see me there but is also concerned for my health which I love about her. I have missed important events with her family (who I “adopted” as mine) for various reasons over the last few years and most have been health-related.

I just feel this is different. When I have a serious commitment that I am excited about I can usually prepare myself to make it. The cost is a factor; however, I just feel that this is a chance for me to connect with people who meant a lot to me and whom I haven’t seen for over forty years.

My friend mentioned they would like to do something to honor Terry Fox. I have mentioned before that we went to school with him for a few years. I knew the family as they were customers at my Dad’s pharmacy and became good friends. Terry graduated with this class and the school we all went to back then is now named after him. It is where the reunion will be held!

I suggested an open mic to talk about our memories of Terry. I will share about how he had a part in my getting my lost/stolen Grade 11 yearbook back as told in my post,  An Old Book …

So yes, there will be a lot of turmoil happening towards the time of the reunion (just two weeks away). I will go back and forth on what to wear, whether to put on make-up or not, whether or not I can really do it and on and on. It will be a mash-up of my mental and physical challenges and also a bit of faith testing as well.

I do believe, however, that I will win out, look beautiful and have a great time.

I choose Vibrant, I choose Me!



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