Yay, It Is Finally Fall!

leaves2Today, September 22 marks the first day of my favorite season.

Winter here on the west coast of Canada doesn’t have a lot of snow or freezing temperatures; however, there is a lot of cold rain which affects my arthritis. When there is snow, I have a difficult time getting around on foot and driving. I love watching the snow, but that is about it.

Spring can be very beautiful here. It can be a little difficult to see all the pretty flowers and trees through my watery allergic eyes and sneezes.

During Summer I must be very careful about getting too much sun and heat so I spend much of my time indoors with a fan and/or air conditioner running. I go out in the cooler evening hours and I love the longer days!

Then there is Fall! I love the leaves turning color (though I do have to watch my step when they are on the ground). While we can get a lot of rain, I actually like it. Rain makes everything clean and healthy. The brown of the summer grass becomes a beautiful green once again and the air smells clean and fresh.

Fall also marks a return to regular routines. Children are back at school, parents are back to work, and the new fall TV season is upon us.

Fall does have good and bad effects on my health.

  • The cooler weather helps my fluid retention, which really affects my legs and ankles in the summer.
  • The fact that there is less sun and it gets darker earlier does play on my moods. I have to be careful to monitor my depression and take more vitamin D to keep myself level. I am hoping that my weekday walks with Violet will help with this as well.
  • I really need to watch my activity levels. The summer heat can make me less active; therefore, I can be in more pain. The cooler fall weather can play tricks on me because I get bursts of energy and tend to overdo things, which also can increase my pain levels.
  • I have difficulty driving in the dark so the shorter days mean I stay in on nights when Hubby is working. This definitely effects my social life.
  • The dampness can really play havoc on my chronic pain levels.
  • My immune system is low at best so I can catch every bug going around. Even if I stay at home, I am still at risk because Hubby brings the viruses home from the clients on his bus. We then keep giving them back and forth all fall and winter.

All in all, whether I am stuck in watching all the new and returning shows on TV or out dragging my feet through the leaves like a little kid, Fall is the best time of year!



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