The Journey To Vibrant – Day 60

lavendar2I haven’t done an update in awhile. Usually that would probably mean things weren’t going well; however, that isn’t totally the case here. In fact, it is because a lot of good has been happening in my life with only a couple of exceptions.

As far as my weight and fitness plan is going, I am happy with my results. My weight is staying in the low 230’s and I am for the most part eating very healthy. I have managed to walk Violet (with Monkey following behind of course) most weekdays and we have gotten up to 20 minutes at a good pace. We even went today in the mild rain – Monkey is hilarious darting between bushes and other means of shelter!

I have been doing stretching exercises  and two nights were I couldn’t sleep I did five minutes each on the stationary bike.

Hubby and I have been down with colds and flu this week, with mine turning into my usual sinus infection. I got antibiotic from the doctor today so hopefully in a few days that will settle down.

I believe that this journey is not just about looking and feeling better physically. I am finding my life is changing in other ways too, again both good and bad.

I had to step back from a friendship that lately has been draining me of both physical and emotional energy. I love this person very much and know they care about me. It is just that their needs are more than I can handle right now. I am finally learning that I have to put myself first no matter what the cost. It has been hard; however, I believe they will come out stronger as well. And it doesn’t mean it is forever… only the God who we both love dearly knows for sure what is ahead for us.

At the same time, I have been pleasantly surprised to reconnect with two ladies from our church. One is around my age and shares my love of cooking and hospitality. She called up one day to see how I was doing and we talked for almost an hour and a half! She offered to come over and show me a “kitchen machine” that she has and we could have fun making a meal together for hubby, her and I to share. She also eats gluten free and her grandchildren have a lot of other intolerances in common with Hubby and I so it is perfect. The only thing I am worried about is falling in love with the machine and wanting one LOL! She isn’t coming to sell one, just to have a good time. We had to cancel because of my flu and sinus infection but I am hoping we can reschedule next week.

The second is a young Mom who I have known for quite some time now. She and a friend share an essential oils business and as I am wanting to use them more in my care plan, she is helping me find out everything I can about which oil does what. She is mindful of my limitations and is happy to go at my pace.

I am feeling so blessed by these two ladies and believe God has put them back in my life at just the right time. But then I don’t expect any less :D.

Another dear friend, who I have never actually physically met but whom I consider a sister of choice and of Christ, also did something this week that just shows me how much I am loved. My birthday isn’t quite here yet; however, she set up an online party asking all guests to post something purple in my honor! The pictures and wishes that have come through so far have moved me beyond words. Yes, I have peeked but I went in initially to beef up the guest list as she doesn’t have access to all my friends outside of our circle.

All of this has finally let it sink in that I am loved and that I can and do love myself. I am accepting my looks as just being “me” and as such can admit that if God and Hubby (and others) think I am beautiful, then I must be! This is such a good feeling.

So what is next on this journey, well we will all just have to wait for the next chapter. I hope you are as excited as I am to find out.





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