Monkey – Mouser for Hire

monkeyboxAs mentioned in a previous post, we have decided it is time to sell the condo we now have and find a new home that better meets our needs and is closer to our family.

There are so many things I will not miss about this place; however, our neighbors is not one of them. In fact, I believe that the people are what have kept us here so long.

Just a few minutes ago I took Violet for a walk, with Monkey the cat following along close behind. A young boy asked me if the dog bites and I told him that no, she is very friendly. So he came over and gave Violet the most timid pat on her head I have seen. I said to walk so he was beside her and then pat her back. This worked much better and she was very good about it. Then he saw the cat and wanted to know why she was following us. I said I don’t know, she just always does.

When we got back to our place and I checked the mail, we saw two of the children that live above us with their Grandmother. They are part of a dear Punjabi family who has been there for a few years now. “Grandma” speaks as much English as I speak Punjabi but we seem to understand each other. In fact, we had a great discussion today and understood each other perfectly!

She said two words “Monkey, mouse?” I said “Monkey catch mouse?” and she nodded. I said yes. She asked, “you, mouse?” I nodded and held up two fingers and said “Monkey got”. We exchanged some hand motions and her granddaughter helped a little to get to the fact they wanted to borrow Monkey. I nodded yes. But the kids are afraid of her, which is so funny because she is probably even more afraid of them! Grandma said “night” and I nodded. The idea would be to take Monkey up overnight and go get her first thing in the morning so the kids wouldn’t even really know she was there. So, we shall see what happens. I think she mentioned paying, but there is no way. Grandma supplies us with a huge amount of blueberries, strawberries, and rhubarb every summer as she goes picking.

I have many other neighbor stories but will save them for another time. I will also keep you posted if Monkey takes on the mousing duties upstairs!



2 Replies to “Monkey – Mouser for Hire”

    1. Thanks, Tony, but it will be a long drawn-out process. Selling our place will probably take a few months (because it is a lease-hold) and then we need to hope a suitable unit is available where we want to be. They are almost always on the market so that should be a good sign (not because there is anything wrong, they are just good for couples starting out or empty-nesters but small for families.


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