Yesterday Was For The Birds!

My relationship with my parents was not always an easy one. I know I have mentioned that on a few occasions. But, like with anything, there was a lot of good as well.

One thing I rehummingbirdmember about my Mom was her love for nature. She especially loved birds and flowers. She planted flowers to attract certain birds and butterflies and always had a hummingbird feeder in the summer months. There was always a crane or two every year living in the forest below our house and she was continually looking out for them.

Another favorite were the stellar’s jays that loved the trees in our back yard. She believed there was a nest somewhere there and was always watching for the babies.

Yesterday I was standing at the kitchen window when something caught my
eye in the tree right outside the door. I had to do a double-take because I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was a jay! I have never seen them here before in the 9 years we hastellarjayve lived here. Then, as he flew back and forth from tree to tree, I saw some tiny movement in the tree. It was three or four hummingbirds fluttering about. While they are around, it isn’t usually this late in the fall.

Immediately a smile came over my face. It was like my Mom was right there with me. As I worked cleaning up the kitchen from lunch I had such a peace.

Thank you, Lord, for this sign of good things to come! And thanks, Mom, for being in my kitchen always.



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